The Death of Michel Siegel

Almost no one knew the story of Jerry Siegel’s father’s death until 2004. Gerard Jones’ book called it a murder by gunshot and implied it inspired Siegel to make Superman a crime-fighter invulnerable to attack. Book of Lies, the latest mystery novel by Brad Meltzer, picks up on the theme: The plot revolves around the rediscovery of the gun used to kill Michel Siegel.

But Ricca and another researcher, Marc Tyler Nobleman, dug deeper. Nobleman, author of a new children’s book, Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman, acquired the coroner’s report on Michel Siegel’s death. Ricca obtained the death certificate, and together, they unearthed the police report. All say Michel Siegel died of a heart attack during a robbery. Three men entered the store, the police

report says. “One of them walked out with a suit of clothes. Through the excitement, Michael [sic] Siegel fainted and fell down on the floor, causing his death.”

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