Tweet Smarts

Bored with Twitter already? You just aren’t using it the right way. Here are seven feeds with ties to our city you should check out.
Here’s the dirty little secret about Twitter: Our daily lives aren’t all that compelling, and we’re often not as clever as we’d like to be. If you’ve ever stared down your computer wondering which 140 characters will best communicate “I’m catching up on my DVR’d shows” in a fresh way, you know what we’re talking about.

That doesn’t mean you need to be a social networking shut-in, just realize that the real benefit of Twitter is getting over yourself already and subscribing to the feeds of others. Think of it as a news service dedicated only to stuff you care about. There, feel better? Here are a handful of Cleveland-centric feeds that are worth your time.

Shaquille O’Neal
Whether he’s prompting a search for an autographed Sports Illustrated magazine he hid at the West Side Market or giving out free Cavs tickets (which, by the way, prompted 80 people to show up at Tremont restaurant Lago one night looking for him), Shaq is in touch with his fans constantly.

The Pekar Project
American Splendor creator Harvey Pekar is admittedly not so great with computers, so’s Pekar Project has facilitated the 70-year-old, cult-comics legend’s jump to the Web. The links to interviews and other Harvey-related content is amusing, but the best part is the ongoing Web comics series that finds Pekar creating new works with four different artists.

Michael Ruhlman
Author, food writer and chef Michael Ruhlman not only issues advice such as when to make your Thanksgiving gravy stock (two to three days before the big day), he also links to a post on his blog about how he’s going to do it. And if you end up cooking yourself into a culinary corner, you can tweet Ruhlman for help.

Cleveland Public Art
From a spinning cloud of heat that can be seen from 60 miles away to an artist’s wonderfully strange computer-generated representation of 40 of his friends’ iTunes libraries, Cleveland Public Art’s Twitter feed connects you to cool, thought-provoking works of art from around the world.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum
Part backstage pass, part online course (in a good way), our favorite part of the Rock Hall’s feed is its links to behind-the-scenes interviews. If the headline “Tomatoes, drugs and rock ’n’ roll” doesn’t grab your attention, what will?

Dan Chaon
Praised in literary circles and Entertainment Weekly, the author points his fan base to great essays about writers and writing. But Chaon has fun, too, like his 13-word review of Fox’s hot new show: “I don’t understand why Glee works. It should be awful, but it isn’t.”

Cedar Lee Theatre
Stay in the loop with everything going on at Cleveland Heights’ landmark movie house. The best part: being the first to know about events such as the sneak preview of the lauded George Clooney film Up in the Air or late-night screenings of classics such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Big Lebowski (bathrobes encouraged).
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