Solid Foundation

Save face this summer by picking the best shade for your skin with these tips.

Including sunscreen in your summer makeup routine is a must. So after you've applied your favorite sun-shielding lotion, add extra UVA and UVB protection with one of the SPF-spiked foundations above. While these formulas offer substantial sweat-proof staying power, picking the perfect shade is up to you. "Most people try to match their foundation to their face," says Cleveland-based makeup artist Karen Siat. "But it's best to use the side of your neck to find your best color." Snag samples from stores, then take them outside and smooth the liquid from the side of your chin down to your clavicle. Once you've found a match, Siat recommends wearing the sample for at least three days. "Make sure you don't break out and that you're not sensitive to its smell before you buy it," she says.

About Face

Mix 'n' match

Buy two different shades of foundation at the start of summer. "As you get darker, blend the two colors together in the palm of your hand for a custom shade,"says makeup artist Karen Siat.

Sun Kissed

Lightly brush a brown-based bronzer — not orange — where the sun naturally hits your face. "As much as we love Willy Wonka's Oompa Loompas, we don't want to look like one," says Siat. "Smooth out any harsh lines using a dry sponge."

Prime time

Before applying foundation, rub on a shine-controlling primer, says Siat. It will melt-proof your makeup and help your foundation stay put.

Lash Hurrah

Diva Pro Indelible Lash Mascara, $12.99

"I loved that this local mascara lengthened my lashes without making them look unnatural," says associate editor Jillian Kramer. "It creates the perfect daytime look. I'd also use this to seal in a more dramatic style."

Clinique Lash Power Full Flutter Mascara, $17.50

"This mascara feathered my lashes, giving me a girlish, wide-eyed look," says associate editor Kelly Petryszyn. "It stayed put through showers and even vigorous attempts to wash it off."

Givenchy Noir Couture 4 in 1 Mascara, $32

"Not only did this mascara stay put through a mini crying episode, it gave me so much extra length, volume and curl that my hairstylist was convinced I was wearing fake eyelashes," says managing editor Kim Schneider.

Toting around a blush and lipstick is so last season. Simplify your makeup stash with trendy two-in-one balms that add a flush of color and shimmer to your cheeks and lips. 

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