Burning Winter Calories

  1. Just scraping by. No matter how bad the weather gets, says Cimperman, cleaning off your car can't take more than 10 minutes. "The extra calories burned might be 25 to 50," she says. Still, that's an extra piece of candy.
  2. Drive time. Shoveling snow is a much more lucrative workout in terms of calories. "In one hour, you'll burn about 400 calories," Cimperman says. It's the equivalent of a brisk, 4 mph walk. Pushing a snowblower? You'll still burn around 300 calories. "You get a pretty good burn with both of them," she says.
  3. Light it up. Cimperman estimates you'll burn about 100 calories per hour at this cumbersome task but notes that it all depends on the decorator. "Different people are more efficient in their activities than others," she explains. "Depending on how much effort you're exerting, the calories might be a little bit higher or lower."
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