You can take your workout outdoors.

Jason Kouvaras, the energetic director of personal training at The Club at Key Center, isn’tafraid to grind you into submission. His outdoorboot camp, which runs for one weektwice a year, takes participants by VoinovichPark, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museumand Cleveland Browns Stadium with punishingdrills and exercises that sport names suchas ‘military press’ and ‘bear crawl.’ Don’t beintimidated though. Breaks are OK, and Kouvaraspersonally makes sure everyone stretchesand drinks enough water. The camp runs Mondaythrough Friday from 6 to 7:30 a.m. The next one will start in late August or early September and the cost is $75 -- no membership required (216-231-1272; asked Kouvaras to devise an outdoor workout for us that we can use in the meantime.

Using an outdoor flight of stairs, one pair of dumbbells and a jump rope:

1. Do 15-20 push-ups and run up and down the stairs four times. Repeat this three times.

2. Jump rope for one minute, do lunges for 5minutes and complete 15-20 bent over rows, making sure you’re bent over at the waist with a flatback and you’re lifting the dumbbell almost into your armpit.

3. Run up and down the stairs four times, complete15-20 overhead shoulder presses with the dumbbells and then for thirty seconds do squat thrusts, where you hop back and forth from apush-up position to a crouch without moving yourhands.

4. Using a stair, do alternating quick feet for thirtyseconds (hop, switching the foot that’s touching the step) and then complete 15-20 squats with the dumbbells at your sides. Repeat this three times.

5. Run up and down the stairs four times, complete15-20 curls holding the dumbbells and then do 15-20 overhead triceps presses, where you grasp the dumbbell and raise your arms so that your triceps are almost parallel to your head. You then bend and straighten your arms.
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