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Although the couple behind this Avon home decided on a soft, subtle color scheme throughout the rest of the house, the wife wanted the sunroom to reflect her funkier side. “She had a lot more flair about her,” says Summer Alaedeen, co-owner of Adeas Interior Design in Westlake. “She wanted a room that really spoke more to her specific design taste.” While browsing High Point Market in North Carolina, Alaedeen’s client gravitated toward two pieces: a black-and-white-striped Viva sofa from Joanie Design and a hand-knotted wool and sari-silk rug. So Alaedeen took inspiration from fashion pioneers such as Kate Spade and Betsey Johnson and designers such as architect Frank Gehry and interior designer Dorothy Draper to mix and match patterns, eras and materials. It resulted in a vibrant, fun and functional room. “The homeowner gave me that platform to go outside the box and use some really cool patterns and color combinations to give her the look she wanted,” Alaedeen says.

1. Pillows: Besides adding dashes of cheerful, contrasting color, the multiple Kate Spade pillows scattered on the couches offer unexpected splashes of texture — from the Floral Burst design embellished with crystal jewels to the Tulip Embellished pillow with embroidered flowers and sparkling sequins. “They’re beautifully detailed,” Alaedeen says.

2. Artwork: This collage of pop art and glamour photography seems like a free-for-all at first. But as your eye travels from one piece to the next, the recurring details — gold paint, glitter embellishments and brass accents — transform the entire wall into an edgy and satisfying focal point. “They all work well together, because there’s something that ties them together,” says Alaedeen. 

3. Sofa: This Pasha Furniture Evelyn sofa boasts traditional details such as squat castor legs. The Chesterfield style, with its deep buttons and low base, has been popular for centuries. However, its vivid, electric blue fabric makes it contemporary and cutting-edge. “Although we’re pulling in traditional types of furniture pieces, we’re adding the bold color to make it more modern and add that pop art look to it,” says Alaedeen.

4. Lamp and Table: Balancing flamboyant pieces with more timeless flourishes is important in an eclectic room. Tucked away next to the sofa, you’ll find an acrylic lamp with a crystal finish placed atop ModShop’s lucite-topped side table with crossed brass legs. “A lot of acrylic detail has been a trend for the last year or so,” Alaedeen says. “It’s not something that will go out of style, because it gives you a very classy look.”

5. Rug: This piece from Partow Rugs made of sari silk and wool carries a kaleidoscope of colors, making it the centerpiece from which all other pieces in the room emanate. “The rest of the home is very muted with very neutral colors,” says Alaedeen. “We were going for bold statements. All those color combinations in that rug really brought to life how we wanted to make the rest of the furniture very bold.”

Kiss Night Canvas print From Olivergal
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Oliver Gal specializes in customizable art with unusual finishes and eye-catching designs. While Summer Alaedeen’s black shadow box version with glitter embellishment cost more than $1,000, a more afforable Solid Kiss Night canvas print can be found starting at $159 at “Metallics are everywhere in design right now,” Alaedeen says. “This is a beautiful gold, bedazzled lip. It has beautiful texture to it.” 

Style Defined
Eclectic style can be tough to define — it’s often the case that you know it when you see it. In reality, however, the aesthetic is a careful balancing act of fun and unexpected pairings between different styles and eras, harmonized by minute details in design.

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