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James Justice, owner of Architectural Justice in Medina, is a juggler of sorts. As contemporary design evolves over time, he pulls from different areas of design and marries them into one harmonized union. By incorporating industrial accents and modern centerpieces into this kitchen, Justice creates something fresh. There’s a balance struck between metal and brass accents — check out the detail on the hood of the oven — mixed with natural wood such as the driftwood sculpture perched next to the transparent refrigerator. For this look, Justice sought inspiration from Cleveland’s past. “I have a love for the industrial revolution of Cleveland and all of the old buildings we have,” he says. “I think there’s a romantic side to what Cleveland used to be.”

1. Sink: These oversized farmhouse sinks are in style due to their deep basins designed to hold your largest pot without overflowing. Justice crafted his from granite to match the counters and added a stainless steel faucet for more depth. “They’ve got clean, smooth lines that match the contemporary design,” says Justice. “But they’re also really practical and functional for day-to-day life.”

2. Metal Fixtures: A little bit of metal can go a long way. The custom-made black beams and arch over the window were designed and cut by Justice and his team. They add interest to the room and give the eye a break from the exposed brick walls behind them. “We wanted to bring that warehouse look inside with the metal,” Justice says. “It’s not bright or bold, but it makes a big statement.”

3. Cabinets: Dark colors, sleek, straight lines and no molding make cabinetry pop. Justice wanted cabinets that could contrast both the brick walls and the metal, so he mixed a charcoal gray paint with a light glaze to add some shine to the maple wood. “We made them in-house so we could really focus on detail,” Justice says. “We gave them a dark color with a brass metal handle that just pulls them into the space really well.”

4. Island: As the focal point, this island marries two very different styles. Salvaged chestnut wood from a demolished house in Columbia Station is juxtaposed with a slab of white and gray marble from Justice’s stone yard — a collection of more than 3,000 slabs of exotic stone — to pull natural elements into the kitchen. “You see things in the natural stone and wood that man-made products can’t duplicate,” says Justice.



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While you can find versions of this Urban Port stool on Wayfair, Justice and his team can also make similar options for $200 each. Clients can choose from maple or oak tops with a variety of metal finishes. “They are a reproduction of an old drafting stool,” Justice says. “We try to push the envelope and keep those clean, contemporary lines, but then adding something like this just completes the industrial look.”

Style Defined
Breathe new life into a space with a contemporary look by pulling together a medley of earthy tones and subtle pops of color. Incorporate a variety of eclectic elements spanning eras of design such as light-colored woods, natural fabrics and sleek metallic finishes.

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