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Magazine Archive

April 2004

Food + Drink

Celebrating Spring

Dining With the Brio

BRIO Tuscan Grille

In the CLE

And Another Thing

Bridge Building

Fastlane:Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle, certified public accountant

For the Record

Bummed out by huge retailers with dirt-cheap CD prices and no selection? We found five local record stores that will renew your faith in the post-vinyl music world.

Law Without Boundaries

For five Case Western Reserve University law students working to help bring former Liberian president Charles Taylor to justice for crimes against humanity, this class project is a shot at making history.


Light Idea

Name Game

On the Rebound

Opening Day

The writer discovers a League Park of his own.

Seen and Heard

Six So Small

If you put them on a scale together, Ohio's first set of sextuplets would weigh in at 13 pounds, 10 ounces. Meet Isabella Jean, Sophia Ivy, Kyle Allen, Logan James, Alex Edwin and Lucy Arlene.

The Agenda


Bookworm's Paradise

Out of print isn't a problem for Harriett Logan. She helps connect bibliophiles with childhood favorites and long-lost vintage titles from fiction to philosophy.

Capturing the Jazz Age

Family Friendly

Isn't this the reason we all live in this town?

Night of Enlightenment

The Music Issue

Here's your backstage pass to our rich popular-music scene. From the rediscovery of a jazz legend to the reinvention of dirty juke-joint blues to the national rise of the city's biggest band, we celebrate Cleveland's new faces and old favorites.

The Music Issue: Outtakes

The Music of His Life

At Home

Putting Landscapers to the Test

What happens when you take four landscapers with big ideas and two homeowners with barren yards — and then add budgets to the mix?

This Old House Goes Green

An 88-year-old home receives an environmentally friendly makeover. Peek inside at how it was done and discover ideas, tips and products that you can use on your own projects.


Couple Makeovers

Cleveland Magazine and NewsChannel 5 invited five couples to take a day off and let some of Greater Cleveland's best salons give them fresh looks for spring.

Travel & Outdoors

Ripe For the Picking

Life's a bowl of cherries in Traverse City, Mich.


Better Living Through Weight Loss

New Days For Seniors

Adult day services offer cost-efficient, nurturing care for the elderly and a respite for caregivers.

Reinventing Smiles