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April 1996

In the CLE

Dream On

Kent State University senior David Holmes became the luckiest sports fan on the planet when he won a spot at the ESPN "SportsCenter" desk. He recently talked to us about almost blowing his big break, television shopping and working that new wardrobe.

Magaphones for Charity

Clear Channel radio personalities get involved.

Poorer Us

The election of Carl Stokes as mayor in 1967 filled the city with hope and good will. Many thought our war against poverty might be won. But today we have more casualties than ever. What went wrong?


Led to Lead

This month, Led Zeppelin frontman and solo artist Robert Plant pays tribute to American music pioneer Lead Belly at a Nov. 7 Severance Hall concert that caps this year's American Music Masters series. Here, he and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum v

Season's Readings

At Home

A Dynamic Arrangement

Commercial Installation -- Category II

Travel & Outdoors

Winter in Amish Country

Even covered in snow, Holmes County offers breathtaking scenery, comfortable lodging, handsome quilts and tasty cheese.