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August 2005

Food + Drink

Kiss My Grits: Flo Café

Flo Cafe, Cleveland


Unique Chic Apertif

Getting beyond the martini

In the CLE

A Dan of Action

Entrepreneur, inventor, former owner of Whiskey Island. He even considered running for mayor. Now Dan T. Moore III is working to make Cleveland his biggest turnaround project of all.

A Question of Faith

As a window into the phenomenon that has made believers out of the desperate and doctors alike, Dr. Issam Nemeh talks about God, science and his critics.

'Alternative' Reality

Mike Shea first printed a fanzine for the city's punk rock scene in 1985. Twnety years later, his Alternative Press has grown up (and stayed in Cleveland).


Classic Cleveland

Do you crave cake from Hough Bakeries? Miss the cheap seats at Cleveland Municipal Stadium? Some of these things are gone forever. But some are still around. And -- happily -- some have been brought back to life just as they were about to take a permanent

Coondog O'Karma Goes to Japan

Our favorite competitive eater and essayist voyages across the Pacific to see his friend Takeru Kobayashi, the greatest competitive eater of all time, and learn about Oguii, the Japanese tradition of Big Eating.

Doorstep Dining

Fastlane: Laughing Sal

Laughing Sal, Greeter, Euclid Beach Park's Surprise House


Living On

Moore Opportunities

Realty Check

The Agenda

You're So Vain

Seems to us there's been a spike in the number of drivers dolling out cash for vanity license tags. We ponder some of the PL8S we've seen recently on local roadways.


Beachwood's Big Bands

Cool Cleveland Sounds

Perk up your ears

Show Time

Suburban Sci-Fi Mom

'Sun' Country

That's Fly, Baby

Touching the sky with Michael Mancuso, a stunt pilot and star of the Cleveland National Air Show

At Home

Homebuyer Homework

Moving for the sake of school

Long-term Lending

Reverse mortgages provide older homeowners with increased financial options.

Moving On Up!

When it's time to move on and move up, real estate agents offer sound advice built on solid foundations of expertise.

Setting the Stage

The first impression isn't just the last impression -- it can make or break a home sale.

Travel & Outdoors

Great Lakes Options

To Do: Golf, Golf, Bech, Golf

Playing away the days at the Sea Pines Resort in Hilton Head, S.C.


'Sundowning' Seniors

If your elderly relative becomes agitated or confused in the evenings, but seems just fine in the morning, he or she may be 'sundowning.' Filling their environment with reassuring experiences may help more than medication.

The Gift

If I could have spared my mother the darkness of Alzheimer's, I would have. Yet, as her illness changed her, we connected on a deep emotional level.

The Osteoporosis Epidemic

Two broken bones in 10 months clued me in: I had osteoporosis, like 10 million to 12 million American women and a growing number of men. There's no cure, but exercise, changes in diet, medication and other therapies can help slow bone loss.


Drive Time

So your teen's ready to get behind the wheel. But before she puts her foot on the pedal -- and tests your mettle -- here are some important rules for the road.

Paying to Make the Grade

How to get the most out of your "learning center dollar"

The AB Sneeze

A parents guide to allergies in schools

What I Did Last Summer

There's more to do when school's out than just soak in the fun