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August 2008

Food + Drink

Cellar Notes: Just Chillin'

Chillin’ lighter reds can find their spot on the patio with a cool trick.

News Bites

Quick Bite: Pickle Bill's Lobster House

Review: SASA

Review: Tremont Tap House

Side Dish: European Union

Side Dish: Thirst Aid

We Tried It

In the CLE

August Letters

Building a 13½-foot-tall horse

Chris McConnell, 22, wanted to attend art school. He learned how to weld at Auburn Career Center and turned around his mediocre high school grades at Lakeland Community College. But he thought his art portfolio needed a little something extra to put

Going Global

Arena announcer Olivier Sedra has documented every turnover, substitution and timeout at The Q for the past two NBA seasons. This month, he’s taking his talk to Beijing for the Summer Olympics.

Great Expectations

Hill's Angel

LeBron Watch

Life According to Walter Goldbach

In 1946, new Indians owner Bill Veeck wanted to make his team’s image flashier with a cartoon logo. Seventeen-year-old Wally Goldbach was asked to design it. Chief Wahoo has been tweaked twice since then, evolving into the red and blue logo now worn

Seen and Heard

The Tong Wars

Amid the prejudice of the mid-1920s, Cleveland became the front line in a bloody fight between two Chinese secret societies. After a gruesome murder, authorities rounded up almost every Chinese person in the city. Despite the infamous mass arrests, the mystery was never solved.

White Coats


Drum Solo

He’s known best as The Office’s Dwight Schrute, but this month Rainn Wilson takes on his first comedic lead as the jilted drummer of a Cleveland hair-metal band in The Rocker.

Fact and Fiction

Shaker Heights native James Frey rises above the controversy surrounding A Million Little Pieces in a truly Cleveland way.

Keeping Score

Rainbow Reinvention

Reel World

A local student sees her winning screenplay come to life.

Silver Pining

At Home

Real (Amazing) Estates

The lowliest of our Top 250 homes is worth just more than $1.5 million. From there, the value soars to $8.5 million. In between you’ll find elevators, infinity pools and houses 10 times the size of the one you live in. Topping the list is a Hun


Fashion Police

Helping Handbags

Maryann Wohlwend is on a mission with her signature bags.

Travel & Outdoors

House Beautiful

Charleston’s antebellum mansions transport visitors back in time. Luckily for us, the nearby accommodations have whirlpool tubs and 24-hour concierge service.

Trail Mix


New Arrival


The Class Project Grows Up

By the time they’re seniors, your kids are way past the simple art projects and science fair creations of elementary school. Senior projects often look more like postgraduate undertakings — but a lot more fun.