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December 2004

Food + Drink

Man With a Plan: Boulevard Blue

boulevard blue


Red-hot and Blue: Blue Canyon Kitchen & Tavern

Blue Canyon Kitchen * Tavern

Stylish Holiday Bubbles

In the CLE

19 Reasons to Cross the River

In our minds, the East and West sides are equal, but different. While you can get a great meal or have a fun night out on either side of town, there are some experiences you can only find by crossing over (and we don't mean Little Italy or the Warehouse

And Another Thing

City of Givers

Cleveland's nonprofits are the most efficient in the country, thanks to a heritage of generosity, fiscal responsibility and strong leadership.

Come On Down

Dividing Lines

Black-and-white thinking about Cleveland's East Side-West Side split keeps us from confronting the real storm cloud that hangs over our city.

East-West Connection

A proposed boulevard from I-490 to University Circle would open up the city.

Fastlane: Mike Santora

Mike Santora, independent snowplow driver

Jingeling' All The Way

Two local entrepreneurs are pushing to revive the Cleveland Christmas legend made famous by Earl Keyes this holiday season with a slate of appearances and a line of new memorabilia they hope will bring the local tradition to a new generation of kids.



Ode to the Road

On the (Cold) Case

Party? We'll Cross For That

When a friend moves from east to west, we find many reasons to celebrate.

Patron of the Arts

R.I.P. East vs. West

Steelhead Commute

Lured by the silvery rewards of the Rocky River, one avid fisherman turns his morning drive into a pilgrimage for trout.

Target Market

The Agenda

The Cross-the-River Challenge

Armed with $200 of the magazine's money, two couples confront unfamiliar streets, strange food and their own stereotypes on opposite sides of the Cuyahoga.

The Early Days

The fabled antagonism between the East and West sides of Cleveland boasts a lengthy pedigree. We offer a timeline for the serious student.

The Price of Liberty

More than 60 years after their own internment for the "crime" of looking like the enemy, some local Japanese Americans are telling their stories and warning of the dangers of wartime hysteria.

The Real Battle Is Ahead

The Year in LeBron

The crowning of King James and 11 other things you may have heard about in the past 12 months.

Web Siting

Working Hard and Doing Good

You've got a cause. Now, should you start your own nonprofit?


Cleveland's Godfather Returns

Mark Winegardner is a made guy. The "Crooked River Burning" author was chosen to pen the sequel to Mario Puzo's 1969 saga of the Corleone family. He'd like you to meet Nick Geraci, one of the toughest mobsters Murray Hill never produced.

Cool Choreography

Moving bodies move Cleveland.

Insect Forensics

Local Sounds

Scrooge Speaks

At Home

Where the Wealth Is

Travel & Outdoors

A Pre-Christmas Story

Catch the spirit and some unparalleled chicken dinners in Frankenmuth, Mich.


Back to Front

University Hospitals' Spine Institute leads the way with advances in back care.

Nanomedicine: The Next 'Big' Thing

Tiny technology shows great potential for health care.

Retire Rich? Yes, You Can.

Despite Ohio's struggling economy, we can still dream of quitting our jobs early and living the good life, right? Judging by the overwhelming response to our call for volunteers, a lot of you have visions of vacations, community service or a quiet retreat

Seeing Is Believing

Local diabetes researchers focus on eye disorders.

Stem-cell Research in Cleveland

Here, the innovative and economic impact aren't controversial.