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December 2006

Food + Drink

An Italian Masterpiece: Michaelangelo’s

Beautiful Bottles, Inside and Out

Can’t judge a bottle by its label? Ohio’s Debonne Cityscape Series might surprise you.

In the CLE

Being Abducted by Palestinian Gunmen

In July 2005, the Rev. Harry Bury, a 76-year-old professor of organizational behavior and systems management at Baldwin-Wallace College, was invited to be a “peace observer” with a group of other priests and nuns as Israeli soldiers withdre

Belly Dance Revolution

A peek behind the veil reveals the secret lives of Leyla and Cassandra and a growing interest in an often misunderstood art form.

Christmas Trees I Have Known

From fakes to needle-shedders, Christmas trees have vexed our writer, balancing domestic peace and family fights on their fragile, prickly branches — until he finally made peace with the evergreen.

City Life - Pop-up Look

Cleveland Tech - Case

Competing For The Crown

Melanie Murphy began her pageant career as Miss Brook Park. Crowned Miss Ohio last summer, she will go on to compete in the Miss America pageant Jan. 29.

Delivering Hope

Eating 5 Pounds Of Corn

On Aug. 20, 2006, at the 68th Annual Cornfest in Ortonville, Minn., Cleveland’s top competitive eater, Coondog O’Karma, set a new world record by eating 5 pounds of corn on the cob in 10 minutes.

Fast Lane

Flying To The 'Top Of The World'

After 18 days, 66 flight hours, 900 gallons of gasoline and 7,488 miles, Don Sieg and his wife and navigator, Jan, flew over one-third of the planet in their 1968 Cessna propeller airplane. They landed at Alaska’s northernmost point: Barrow, call

Giving a Grizzly Bear a Root Canal

Albert Lewandowski is the chief veterinarian at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

Hanging By Your Skin

Hitting a Grand Slam

On Aug. 12, Travis Hafner hit his sixth grand slam of the season at Jacobs Field off Kansas City Royals pitcher Luke Hudson, tying the Major League record that Don Mattingly has held since 1987. It was in the bottom of the first inning, with the Indian

Into The Light

An innovative Cleveland Restoration Society program has illuminated 11 of the city’s sacred landmarks, highlighting the beauty of the steeples, bell towers and domes, while creating beacons for our neighborhoods.

Repossessing a Vehicle

Revolution Calling

Running a Meth Lab

Setting Yourself On Fire

In 1976, Chagrin Falls native Ted Batchelor set himself on fire and jumped off the falls into the Chagrin River on a bet, beginning a decade-long tradition. A stuntman, he set a Guinness World Record for longest full-body burn with no supplied oxygen i

Streaking (And Getting Caught)

Phil, 28

Tale of Tech

The Agenda - Best of Cleveland Party

The Agenda - Taste of Life

The Agenda - Treasures

The Cleveland Experience

What does it feel like to wear the crown of a pageant queen? Celebrate a championship victory?
Be abducted by foreign gunmen? Or reach into a grizzly bear’s mouth to perform a root canal?
Most of us may never

The New Face of Philanthropy


Treating Your Own Breast Cancer

In 1999, Dr. Jerri Nielsen, who grew up in Salem, Ohio, and worked as a staff ER physician at University Hospitals, was the only doctor among 41 men and women on a scientific expedition researching astrophysics, climatology and weather at the South Pol

Until Everyone Comes Home

Thousands of miles away from home in any land in any war, life’s little things mean a lot.

What Are The Odds?

White Coats

Winning A Championship

The Cleveland Browns hadn’t been to a championship game since their 59-14 drubbing by the Detroit Lions in 1957. Not much more was expected in 1964, when the Browns faced Johnny Unitas and the 12-2 Baltimore Colts. But after a scoreless first hal

Writing Someone's Obituary

Alana Baranick is an obituary writer for The Plain Dealer and author of “Life on the Death Beat,” which is available at her Web site,


Angel Investor

After the tragedy of her husband’s suicide, Alenka Banco devoted herself to the
transformation of a former Catholic church into the 22,000-square-foot Josaphat Arts Hall complex, a haven for Cleveland artists and their work. Along the way, eve

Ballroom Blitz

City Searcher

Color Wonders

Travel & Outdoors

Sunny Daze

Relax, put the top down and have an all-natural cola. This is L.A., baby.


Ask the Plastic Surgeon

Question:  I am a 62-year-old woman and my youngest daughter is getting married in two months. I’ve had several...

Health Care Guide - Be Better in '07

Tired of guilt-driven resolutions that never produce lasting results? Want some sane, practical and balanced advice? We talked to doctors, coaches and educators about how you can improve your nutrition, exercise habits, relationships, work/life balance an

Retire Rich

No matter your age, you can nurture your retirement nest egg.
Follow the lead of five families who are doing it right with smart retirement planning.