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December 2007

Food + Drink

35th Anniversary: Iron Mike

Anniversary Recipes (1974)

Celebrate With Bubbles

Add some sparkle to your next Sunday brunch or make a special occasion even better

Latin Beat: Paladar Latin Kitchen

Mrs. Perk's (Revamped) Pork 'n' Dumplings

News Bites

Ole Mole

Sara's Place

For a taste of home-away-from-home in tony Gates Mills, try the shepherd’s pie at Sara’s Place.

In the CLE

35th Anniversary: A Centered Life: Steve Everitt

35th Anniversary: A Few More Pieces: James Frey

35th Anniversary: A Legacy: Louis Stokes

35th Anniversary: After the Ax: Sarah Short Austin

35th Anniversary: All Grown Up

35th Anniversary: Anchorwomen We've Loved

35th Anniversary: Bang!

35th Anniversary: Cleveland Sports: Waiting is The Hardest Part

35th Anniversary: Found: George vs. Jeff

35th Anniversary: From Cleveland Public to Ivy League: Tonisha Calbert

35th Anniversary: Fun with Feagler

35th Anniversary: Girl Wonder: Gwill York

35th Anniversary: Gossip Guys

35th Anniversary: Hey, Ralphie

35th Anniversary: Hey, Ralphie

35th Anniversary: It's Just Like "Sex and the City"

35th Anniversary: Kitchen Confidential

35th Anniversary: Knock Three Times:

We did — and found a place that keeps on surprising us

35th Anniversary: Love Score

35th Anniversary: Mafia Men

35th Anniversary: Man of Action 'The Miz'

35th Anniversary: Maybe This Year

35th Anniversary: Model Behavior

35th Anniversary: Moving On: Grace Leon

35th Anniversary: Never Say Die: Jeff Johnson

35th Anniversary: Nobody Does It Better: George Forbes

35th Anniversary: On With the Dance: Karen Gabay and Raymond Rodriguez

35th Anniversary: Our Wilma Thing

35th Anniversary: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast

35th Anniversary: Perk, The Publisher and the Pie

35th Anniversary: Power

35th Anniversary: Rating the Suburbs

35th Anniversary: Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll

35th Anniversary: Splash! Return to the Ritz

35th Anniversary: Tennis, Anyone

35th Anniversary: The '00s

35th Anniversary: The 70's

35th Anniversary: The '80s

35th Anniversary: The '90s

35th Anniversary: The All Americans: Eugene Smith, Jimmy Weiler & Gary Jeter

35th Anniversary: The All-Star Browns Team

35th Anniversary: The Armpit of the Nation

35th Anniversary: The Cleveland Joke

35th Anniversary: The Drama: Lynda Hirsch

35th Anniversary: The Fearless Woman: Mary Zunt

35th Anniversary: The Great Cleveland Magazine Mustache Contest

35th Anniversary: The Great Divide

35th Anniversary: The guy next door: Benny Bonanno

35th Anniversary: The Heat Index

Cleveland doesn’t get much hotter than July, and in 1990 the magazine celebrated the steamy month with a 27-page package on everything heating up the city. So what’s still hot, and what’s just plain not?

35th Anniversary: The Hit King: Kid Leo

35th Anniversary: The Houses that We Built

35th Anniversary: The Macabre Koran Revisited

35th Anniversary: The Missionary

Dennis Kucinich is running for president -- again. Seriously. But the talk-show punch lines and complaints he can't win only feed his enormous self-confidence. He says he is Cleveland's message to America. But is Dennis the message we want to send?

35th Anniversary: The Scene

35th Anniversary: The story-teller: Scott Willis

35th Anniversary: They So Deserved It

35th Anniversary: Turkey Sandwiches, Snapple and Mike White

35th Anniversary: When Skin Was In

35th Anniversary: You Can't Tear Him Away: Greg Pruitt

A Legacy: Louis Stokes

And the Wiener Is...

A dog’s-eye view of the underdog of underdogs

Colin Lively: Living It Up in NYC

Guiding Star

Hearing | Lake Erie ice break underfoot

In 1974, Everyone Wanted to Be a Congressman...

In Good Company

Retire Rich

Your road to financial freedom will include a few potholes.  Follow the lead of five families that overcame common challenges.

The 1970s

The 1980s

The 1990s

The Mailbag Through the Years

The New Faces of Philanthropy

From a giving circle to an online information center, these Clevelanders are giving back.

We'll Always Have Fred — Cleveland Magazine's 35th Anniversary

The beloved Morning Exchange owed much of its popularity to the camaraderie between the show's three hosts: Liz Richards, Joel Rose and Fred Griffith, who died Friday.


Books Gone Wild

Dressing up the Terminal Tower (1974)

Holiday Homecoming

King Size Influence

LeBron James is not just the biggest celebrity in the city of Cleveland. To many outsiders, he is the city of Cleveland. Now, two local sportswriters examine The LeBron Effect and its impact on everything from the corner office

Organ Vocation

As tuners and voicers for Schantz Organ Co., Jeff Herr and Brian Thomas put their well-trained ears to Severance Hall’s more than 6,000 organ pipes. We tag along to hear for ourselves.

The Other Christmas Stories

The War at Home

A new Western Reserve Historical Society exhibit looks at World War II and Cleveland.

The Winterfest Diaries

Towering Proposals

Slipcovers for the Terminal Tower? It could have happened.



Wrath Arcane tags garments with a message, not a label.


Cornerstone of Hope

Go Sweat

It’s unanimous: There’s no substitute for aerobic activity (and you’re probably not doing enough of it) — plus, now you need to add strength and resistance training to your weekly routine.

Meditation: Not Medication

A new study aims to prove that a relaxed state of mind can combat elevated blood pressure.

Popping The Pill

Not all dietary supplements are created equal. Here's why they may not be in your best interest.

The Dish On Your Diet

When it comes to fueling up, honestly listening to your body may be the best way to stay healthy.

Weight Control

Pumping iron: It’s not just for Mr. Universe anymore. Here’s how to make strength training a regular part of your exercise plan