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February 2006

Food + Drink

A Hold Out at Dry Creek Vineyard

How Kim Stare Wallace is keeping the family business alive and well.

Chef to Chef

Choose the Cheese


From Vin Hunter

No Roaming

Preparing for Takeoff: 100th Bomb Group

100th Bomb Group   

Put a Cork in It

Comfort Wine Season    

Shiraz a Sure Thing

Bold Aussie red warms up the winter months.    

You Could Say

In the CLE

20 Sexy Singles 2006

75 Reasons We Love Cleveland

As the month of mushiness commences, we turn all warm and fuzzy on the city, giving a wink to the people, places, and things that bring smiles to our faces.

A 50-Cent Love Affair

Defy Valentine's Day

Celebrate being single — or show solidarity with your single friends — by subverting and redefining Feb. 14.

Divorce Row

So you have a bad marriage or two or three behind you. Does that mean you deserve any less of a pickup joint than all the 20 and 30 somethings out there?

Family Portraits

Learning From Limitless Love

Lotto Love

Love Sick

Surviving V-Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, Valentines Day is boring with dinner and a movie is all we do. Whether you're an unattached Valentines Day hater or half a a couple who's looking for some together time, our V-Day finds are anything but the usual heart-

The Case for Carr

The Meaning of Love

What We've Learned About Love

Advice from a married couple since July 9, 1949.

Wings of Desire

Young Love

Too often we hear the horror stories of teenage attraction - everything from the provocative Abercrombie and Fitch ads to high school pregnancy. But what happens when one teen discovers a higher form of love?


A Garden of Poetic Delight

Adaptation and Adoration

For nearly 20 years, Tom and Susana Evert have been lovers of dance and dancers in love.

Cool Cleveland Kids

Fresh Hope for fun family fare.

The Orchestra and the "Rings"

At Home

Cottage Garden

Escape to Holland

High Energy?

Living Outside the Box

Travel & Outdoors

Wine Me, Dine Me

With a two-day pass, a fast car and a little help from local pro Arnie Esterer, weekends at Geneva-on-the-lake are quickly coming the best way to put a little romance back in your life.


A Clear Vision

Many senior citizens are hindered by eye problems, but doctors can help them see clearly.        

A Personal Plan for Healthy Weight Loss

A Time of Reckoning

If you've coasted in to your 50s or 60s with average to poor health habits, here's how to start working toward a longer life and better living as your age.

Cleveland Students Shoot for their Physical Best

Community Is Key

Go Red For Women

Ladies in Red

This month we tip our hats to fourwomen living life the heart-healthy way.

Laura Mimura

Studies of the Heart

The American Heart Association currently invests more than $12 million to supportcardiovascular research in medical institutions throughout Northeast Ohio.

Testing after 60

Seven medical tests you may not know you need.    


the Right Camp

How to find a good fit for your child.