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January 2008

Food + Drink

A Taste for: Wine Bars

Good Things Cropping Up



The grilled veggie wrap brings together smooth, garlicky hummus and still-crisp vegetables.

Winter-worthy Wines

Try warm-climate quaffs when the weather turns cold.

In the CLE

A Whole New Ball Game

Throwing a benefit isn’t what it used to be. Sure, there’s still great food, cool entertainment and lots of glitz. But there’s a new generation of fundraisers in town.

Chain Saws on Ice

Dough Know-How

File Under Country Life


Living | like a Bonaduce

Jaclyn Bradley moved to Los Angeles to make it as a singer and actress. It took living with Danny Bonaduce as he broke down on VH-1’s “Breaking Bonaduce,” meeting childhood idols and living a lifestyle that still seems surreal to real

Most Interesting People: Ali Dhinojwala

Most Interesting People: Allison Clarke

Most Interesting People: Angelin Chang

Most Interesting People: Angelin Chang

Most Interesting People: Barbara Snyder

Most Interesting People: Bill Guentzler

Most Interesting People: Burma Stewart

Most Interesting People: Christina Kline

Most Interesting People: Craig Karmazin

Most Interesting People: Dan Moulthrop

Most Interesting People: Daniel Gibson

Most Interesting People: Dick Goddard

Most Interesting People: Edward Douglas

Most Interesting People: Eric Lutzo

Most Interesting People: Eric Lutzo

Most Interesting People: Jack and Lauren Marschall

Most Interesting People: Jim Henke

Most Interesting People: Jim Liberatore

Most Interesting People: Kelly Pavlik

Most Interesting People: Leslie Simon

Most Interesting People: Lois Moss

Most Interesting People: Luis Cumba

Most Interesting People: Michelangelo Lovelace

Most Interesting People: Michelle Sikes

Most Interesting People: Peter Lawson Jones

Most Interesting People: Phillip Morris

Most Interesting People: Rachael Spieth

Most Interesting People: Richard Skains

Most Interesting People: Stephanie Beane

Most Interesting People: Tom Batiuk

Most Interesting People: Wendy Kromer-Schell


Seen and Heard

sent by Sears

In 1908, Sears, Roebuck and Co. began selling homes through its popular catalog. Hundreds of Ohioans placed their orders, picking up new bungalows and colonials from the train depot. Today, they blend in almost unnoticed with the neighborhoods som

Talk of the Town

The Happiest of Days

Fifty years seems like a long time, until you revisit the past with people you grew up with.

The Rookies

Cleveland Browns first-round draft picks and buddies Brady Quinn and Joe Thomas talk to us about being roommates, losing locks and bringing a championship to Cleveland.

We Tried It

Web Sighting


A Mammoth Undertaking

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is replacing its Pachyderm Building with the $25 million African Elephant Crossing experience. But first, it will need to remove and restore two priceless, 32-ton sculptures by Viktor Schreckengost. Then, they’ll have a n

Dead Serious

Mary Ann Winkowski is the basis for Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character on the CBS drama “Ghost Whisperer.” We talked to her about where her televised supernatural world ends and her real one begins.

Frank Talk

He is Jack Nicholson, Robin Williams, George W. Bush and John Madden rolled into one. Thanks to his own sketch-comedy show and plenty of buzz, part-time Clevelander Frank Caliendo is making his voice heard.

Writing Wrong

At Home

A Fresh Take

Whether you’re hoping to double your living space, rebuild your bungalow or implement green-building principles, large-scale remodeling projects require a dose of creativity and a contractor you can trust. Three homeowners gave us tours of elegan

A Professional Touch

Room By Room

Build out or up, give your kitchen a makeover or create a master retreat. Check out these six remodeling projects and trade tips to inspire your own home renovations.


[Fancy Footwork]

Hot Item of the Month

Makeup Heaven

Whether you have eyes for designer brands or drug-store mainstays, Ulta has your favorite shade.

Travel & Outdoors

Little Ski Town in Vermont

Want to get your skis on some gnarly slopes, sans crowds, ’tude or bling? Your nirvana lies east.

snow days


Kiddie Karma

Lily Goldfarb leads a group of youngsters through her weekly kids’ yoga class.


How To Raise Good Teens: Advice From Real Parents

The 'New' Teen

Actually, things really haven’t changed all that much when it comes to raising your boundary-testing, independence-seeking adolescent. Sure, some of the temptations are different, but the keys to raising them right are the same: guide, listen, re