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June 2004

Food + Drink

Get Hooked: Mitchell's Fish Market

Mitchell's Fish Market, Woodmere

Let the Games Begin

Boutari's Greek wines

In the CLE

A Legomaniac Comes Clean

John Balash never stopped playing with blocks. Earlier this year, it earned the 21-year-old Geneva native a chance to compete for the job of a lifetime.

A Mother's Choice

For years, immigrant Amina Silmi battled the government in a desperate attempt to remain in this country with her three children. This winter, she was finally ordered to report for deportation, forcing her to decide the question she'd always been too frig

A Stand-up Guy

An editor, a writer and a salmon walk into a restaurant• But this time, the joke's on us. We asked the funniest writer we know (maybe we should get out more, huh?) to try his hand at live comedy. And we discovered that our mothers were wrong: It real

And Another Thing

Editor's Column

Fallen Tiger

On Nov. 11, 1944, Lt. Henry Francis Minco, a Clevelander in the U.S. Army Air Corps, went missing on a mission over Thailand. Almost 60 years later, a squadron mate's unexpected phone call sends us reaching back through the fog of war to remember Minco's

Fastlane: Les Flake

Les Flake, "The Beer Guy"

Getting Their Kicks

In the Doghouse


Neighborhood Watch

Space Saver

Spy Detector

James M. Wood was always a mysterious and elusive writer. But could he also have been a spy? We do a little investigating of our own.

Stay Tuned

A new enclave of retail, restaurants and entertainment is taking shape on East Fourth Street at Euclid Avenue.

Survey Says

Target Market

The Agenda

Viva Vivo

Walk This Way

Upon learning that Cleveland was named one of the nation's 10 best walking cities, we set out on foot with local tour guide Karl Johnson to get a fresh look at our town.

Web Sighting


Great Expectations

Local Sounds

Seeking Buddha

Time for the Change

Venue is Destiny

You gotta know where and how to party.

At Home

Rating the Suburbs 2004

We examine 65 area communities for schools, safety, taxes, home prices, services and more. Plus, we talk to local families about their living in their communities.

Rating the Suburbs 2004 Community Services Chart

Our annual survey of community services

Rating the Suburbs 2004 Highland Heights

The Gould Family

Ratings the Suburbs 2004 Hudson

The Tucker Family

Travel & Outdoors

Great Lakes Options

Web Extra

Sunken Treasure

Diving Lake Erie reveals its secret, submerged history.