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June 2005

Food + Drink

A Taste of Downtown: Downtown 140

Downtown 140

Feeling Saucy?: Saucy Bistro

Saucy Bistro


Sippin' Summer Sake

In the CLE

And Another Thing ...

Fastlane:Dale Jacober

Dale Jacober
Owner and driver, Ready Limousine

Gray Area

Yes, duct tape really can be used for everything. Even making art, as Todd Scott is set to show thousands of people at this month's Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival.

Inside the Nate Gray Case

He was once the trusted friend and adviser of former Cleveland Mayor Michael R. White. Now Nate Gray faces 45 federal charges. If they prove true, the trial could unlock the biggest political scandal to hit Cleveland in decades.


More of Les

New Arrivals

Rock Star Perks

Survey Says

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Boy, it seems like school is a lot tougher than it used to be. But we wanted to be sure. So, on his 35th anniversary of being in the fourth grade, our writer tags along with his son for a day of bus rides, math problems, wallball and lunchroom negotiation

The Agenda

There Goes the Neighborhood

Coventry loses Dobama Theatre this month, but what does it gain?


"Paw" de deux

Auteur on a Wire

Johnny Wu takes Cleveland independent film to new heights.

Ingenuity Ignites

Queer Culture

The value of a tolerant outlook

Testing Their Metal

At Home

All the Buzz

We all know the suburban stereotype: a boring, cookie-cutter community where everyone thinks alike and buys the same link of picket fence. But if our Sunday-night obsession with "Desperate Housewives" has taught us anything, it's that the stereotype needs

Best Bargain 'Burbs

Close-knit neighborhoods, community spirit and modest prices attract young families to Cleveland's more established suburbs

Travel & Outdoors

Go Fish

Looking for charm, adventure and relaxation all in one — and close to home? We found you needn’t have fly-fishing experience to reel in fun at Sunnybrook Trout Club.