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June 2006

Food + Drink

Blond Ambition

Wet Your Appetite: Waters Restaurant & Banquet Facility

Waters Restaurant and Banquet Facility

In the CLE

Blood Brothers

Last summer Ohio mourned its fallen marines. In a single week, 16 from Brook Park's 3/25 were killed, 48 by the tour's end. While we filled our prayers with their names and the streets for their funerals, the rest of 3/25 kept fighting.

Blood Brothers Sources

Check Mates

Trash-talking, fast-moving, root-taking: Chess takes on a whole new attitude with the regulars at Dewey's Coffee House

Dollars and Spidey Sense

"Spider-Man 3" swung through downtown this spring, bringing a web of local spending and another line for the Greater Cleveland Film Comission's resume

Drawing on Motherhood

"The Pajama Diaries" comic strip creator Terri Libenson discusses the challenges of being a working mother through her alter ego, Jill Kaplan. She recently talked (and drew) to us about her life, career and appearance in newspaper funny pages

Jane Says...


Lost Summer

Thirteen years after "My Summer Story was filmed here and forgotten, one of the movie's extras rediscovers a so-so sequel in the shadow of its famous forerunner.

Michael Burkes

President, Great Ohio Coaster Club

Snip, Snip

The tragic story of a man and the sad, sad loss of his DNA-carrying pals. At least that's how our leading man tells it.

Something Special

The Agenda


A Literary Guide to Life

Five authors, all Clevelanders or former Clevelanders with the city planted firmly in their hearts, have learned a few things they're willing to share. Excerpted here are their five new nonfiction works with a little bonus advice on love, loss and ever


Making art, making money, making change

Gallery Guide

Art is life for Cleveland’s local talent.

The New Cars Rev Up

The Nostalgia Artist

William Kless brings the past to the poster

The Secret History of Witches

Young Poets' Society

Playhouse Square program cultivates teens' voices

Travel & Outdoors

Imagination Go!

You won't find the usual suspects at the expert- and mom-approved Children's Museum of Pittsburgh.


Ask the Plastic Surgeon

Question: I’m 44 years old and have developed wrinkles around my eyes and lines around my mouth. I’ve read ads for both Botox and Restylane but am confused about which would work best for me. Are there significant differences between th

Lift Your Lips

Raise brows, stop sags