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March 2006

Food + Drink

A Warm Atmosphere: Aura Global Cuisine

French, Asian, and American flavors merge in the blackened scallops and grilled zucchini with sweet and sour sauce.

An American Table

An American Table

Gallo makes wine a family affair.

In the CLE

A Horse Walks in to a Bar...

Cause for Alarm

Enemy Territory

What could possibly convince a Clevelander to convert his saloon into a Steelers bar?


Positively Negative

Is being down on the city in our DNA? Our writer asks whether knowing what's really going on in Cleveland has programmed us with a heavy dose of disappointment.

Semeka Randall

Michigan State University assistant basketball coach and Trinity High School hoop legend.

Way to Go, Sport

Dave Gilbert's got game. He sells Cleveland as a venue for everything from tae kwon do to Olympic qualifiers to the NCAA Women's Basketball tournament. And he's winning.


Masterpiece man

A nationwide, 100-day exhibit kicks off this month, honoring legend Viktor Shreckengost.

At Home

A Relaxing Retreat

A Sound Inspection

The home inspection is a key step in the home-buying process- here's how to benifit from the experience.

Backyard Barbecue Nirvana

Illuminating Ideas

Making a Splash

Meet your new Mortgage

When it comes to funding one of the biggest purchases you'll ever make, buyers are discovering that there's more than one way to get the job done.

Twist on a Classic

What I Learned

For the first time homeowners describe their forays into the tangled task of purchasing  a new home, and share their best advice to help you find your perfect new home.

Travel & Outdoors

Bringing Up Baltimore

Energized in Indy

For the Love of Louisville

One Fine Philly

Taking In Toronto


Ask the Plastic Surgeon

Question: I am 34 years old and have three children. I have a C-section scar and loose skin around my belly button. Even though I am the weight I was prior to having children and work out at least twice a week, I can’t seem to tighten my tumm

Cutting the Fat

Schools, cities, businesses and neighborhoods take off the pounds together.

Fat City

We're fed up. We don't need another magazine ranking telling us we're fat any more than we need another world-famous corned beef sandwich. (Actually, we do need to do something about those corned beef sandwiches.) But instead of letting it get under ou

Make Mine McDonald's

There's a scene in "Supersize Me" when Morgan Spurlock, the firm's director and bemused star, meets a guy who only eats McDonald's Big Macs - vanquishing more than 19,000 of them in his lifetime. He's just an eccentric guy who loves Big Macs

Top Docs

Talk to your doctor.

It's solid advice. We hear it all the time when it comes to our health.
Our doctor knows which drug will make us better, which surgery will fix us and which lifestyle choices will help us live our best lives possible. W

Top Docs - Dr Live Strong

Helping women who beat cancer overcome the battle of the bulge.

Top Docs - The Caretaker

Working to help senior citizens outside the doctors office.

Top Docs - The Guardian Angel

Making the harsh realities of teenage life teddy bear safe.

Top Docs - The Reconstructionist

A pioneer at restoring lives

Top Docs - The Rehab Man

Rebuilding lives destroyed by addiction.

Top Docs - The Soul Man

Better health begins with empowering the patient


Ask the Experts

Everything you've wanted to know about choosing a school but were afraid to ask.

College Marketing in the New Millennium

As students become increasingly tech-savvy, schools work to meet them in a new medium.

Expanded Education