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May 2005

Food + Drink


Silver Spoon Awards 2005

Ditch the sackcloth and ashes and pick up a knife and fork. Instead of bemoaning the recent closngs, let's celebrate all the new openings on Northeast Ohio's culinary landscape. See who you, our readers, chose as the best from among newcomers and old warh

Spirited Grapes of Cognac

In the CLE

Amusing Memories

Bowling with the Barons

Stuck in hockey limbo, pining for a chance in the big league, Cleveland's pro hockey team bowls a few frames with its small but dedicated fan base.

'Buzz' Words

Dick Goddard Rocks

Dr. Bach

Emergency physician Eric Roter uses music to help his patients in ways medicine cannot.

Fastlane: Bill Rodgers


Meaty Issues

New Arrival

No Nose for News

Today's media doesn't pass the sniff test: There are more outlets but there's less real news.

Retail Oriented

Science Flair

Ben Bartman's Mad Science franchise has grade-school kids across Greater Cleveland going crazy for explosions and green slime. Oh yeah, they're learning, too.

Six Degrees of Usher

How did R&B superstar Usher end up with a share of the Cleveland Cavaliers? See if yuou can map his pre-Cavs connections to our city in fewer moves than we did.

The Agenda

The Insiders' Guide to Wining and Dining

It's easy to feel burned at a restaurant. It took weeks to get a reservation. The hostess who greets you looks like she should be on a runway. The wine list leaves you pondering the difference between "varietal" and "progressive." As you brace yourself to

The Other Side of Coyne

You expect his life to be over. To find him cowering in a corner, meek as a kitten and shaking with shame. That's not the style of former Brook Park mayor Tom Coyne. But can a man go from passed-out on the evening news to elected office? Here, Coyne discu

Web Sighting


A Budding Artist

Look around the room. Do you see nature? Maybe there's a houseplant in the corner, fresh-cut flowers on the mantel or a floral design on the rug.

Cool Akron

Cleveland watches while Akron acts to attract youth.

Funny Business

Let's play a game.

Get Ready for the Wild Things

I don't have a night kitchen like Mickey or an island filled with wild things like Max. It's laptops for me yessirree and I type type type the words onto the page. No children's nonsense here. I work in my office busy through the day and into the night an

What's Your Ticket-buying IQ?

If you've ever found yourself standing outside Gund Arena, waiting for tickets to go on sale, and ended up with a seat closer to the ceiling than to the stage, then you need to read this. Getting good seats is one part luck and three parts planning. No ma

Travel & Outdoors

Girls and Dolls

Chicago's American Girl Place offers sugar and spice and everything doll.



Novels and films make it seem as if life has a three-act structure. But as our parents' third act s get longer and more convoluted, a local novelist says, our own second acts get tougher, too.

How to Volunteer Your Pet

Seniors and Pets

It's hard for the elderly to give up their pets, but furry friends are brightening lives of residents at more and more long-term care facilities.