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May 2006

Food + Drink

Katz's Champagne Honey Vinaigrette

News Bites

Riesling's Renaissance

Discover your sense of place in a glass

The 2006 Silver Spoon Awards

Northeast Ohio's best restaurants judged in 45 categories.  Plus, our food writers share their favorite place to sit down for a bite.

In the CLE


It began as a story assignment.  It turned into a passion.  It started out with 30 seconds gasping for air.  It became an hour of mind-clearing devotion.  Her story began with a pledge to run just three miles (a marathon to many of

30th Cleveland International Film Festival

Alyson Winick

Senior vice president of the Schwebel Baking Co.

Big Deals

Akron Beacon Journal sportswriter Terry Pluto's new Indians book "Dealing" dissects the Dick Jacobs era, Larry Dolan purchase, and front office moves that morphed an aging ballclub with a $96 million payroll into a young, less-expensiv

Faith in the Future


Life and Time

A final tour of the house the writer grew up in offers a bridge reaching back 52 years to the family with the little brown dog who once called it home.

Read This, Get Smarter

Ready to Rumble

Eric Brewer, the bomb-throwing, hell-raising, score-settling yellow journalist, is the new mayor of East Cleveland.  Can he fight his biggest foe ever, the troubles that plague his neglected city?

The Forgotten Championship

Our writer tracks down the story of Cleveland's other World Series champions of the 1940's: the Negro League's Cleveland Buckeyes.

The Good Fight


A Museum for All

Where some might see rubble, new CMA director Timothy Rub crafts his vision.

Diary of an Aftermath

A playwright's journey after 9-11

Fashion Cents

Envisioning our new economy

Hot Wheels

Cleveland pioneers of integrated dance kick off a new national festival this month.

Travel & Outdoors

Elephant Ahoy

Or how I learned Swahili on my summer vacation to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.


Ask the Plastic Surgeon

Question: I have been considering having breast enlargement surgery and recently saw a news report that silicone implants may soon get FDA approval for use again. Are silicone implants safer now than in the ’90s when they were banned and are

Assets and Aging

Getting older has never been so expensive.  Manage your life savings so you can afford the care you deserve without sacrificing your assets.

Old Friends in the Golden Years

Social ties are an important part of a senior's healthy life.