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October 2004

Food + Drink

America's Meritage Heritage

Down South: Russo's


News Bites

Out of the Ordinary: Park City Diner

In the CLE

And Another Thing

Book Report

Cheap Seats

Fastlane: Carmella DeCesare

Carmen Figueroa, Mother of Playboy Playmate of the Year Carmella DeCesare of Avon Lake


Promised Land

Who in God's name would want to keep a church out of their town? Euclid does. At least, if some angry residents get their way in this fall's election.

Skin City

Smoke Alarm

Four minority groups join the Clean Indoor Air Campaign and give the effort to ban smoking in the city's bars and restaurants a boost.

Tale Waggin'

It's the day Joe Eszterhas returned to the West Side Market, the hours "The Bone Lady" spent transforming her Volvo into a tribute to the Browns, and the afternoons Phil Donahue consumed playing stickball on Southland Avenue. Yes, it's Cleveland. And a ne

Target Market

The Haunting

Our writer sets out to find the truth about the "haunted" house in his neighborhood and discovers something spookier.

The Lap of Luxury

War of Words

We Tried It

Who is My Neighbor?


Pointing the Way

On quitting the whining and looking forward

At Home

25 Under $25

Decorating for holiday visitors doesn't have to be expensive or stuffy. We found 25 easy-on-the-pocket ideas that promise to liven up your home this holiday season.

Room Service

If you'd still like to overhaul that room your holiday guests will gather in come December, don't panic. Just keep reading. Three interior designers share how they transformed high-traffic spaces in three different local homes from blah to beautiful.

Winter Greenery

Follow these six ideas for bringing the outdoors in this holiday season and sprucing up your usual mix of holiday plants will be a snap.


10 Secrets to a Healthier You

While not everyone practices what they preach, these female doctors certainly do, offering tips on everything from managing menopause to battling baby weight.

Taking a 'Pause on Hormone Therapy

First, it was heralded as the woman's answer to menopause. Then, it was derided as destructive to all. The truth, in fact, is somewhere in between.

The Rise of Alternative Medicine

It used to be that only hippies tried things like acupuncture and herbs. Today, however, more than a third of Americans have embraced some form of alternative therapy.


A Hand Up

Cleveland Scholarship Programs Inc. provides help where it's needed to make college dreams come true.

Best of Kids

Kids on Campus

Local colleges offer classes for students under 18 -- and their parents, too.