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October 2007

Food + Drink

News Bites

Orders Without Borders: Table 45

The Monastery

Top Dawg Wines

Are you ready for some tailgating? Bring these dog-inspired labels to your next Browns bash.

In the CLE

And Another Thing

Canine Couture

Carole's Comeback

Former WKYC-TV 3 morning-show co-host Carole Sullivan is back on the station’s airwaves after spending a year in Kalamazoo, Mich. We talked to her about her year, how her life has changed (hint: he turns one this month) and what brought her back.

City in a Box

What is Crocker Park? Just another mall or a real neighborhood? We asked the people who live there. Their answers weren’t always what you might think.

Gimme Back My Bullets

Green Machine


Onward and Upward

Seen and Heard

Takeover + Makeover = Success?

When Eugene Sanders took over as Cleveland Metropolitan School District CEO, he decided to implement some radical ideas, including making over the dress code. Will the changes produce results? We’ll likely have to wait on that one. But with a

The Ballad of 'Bernie Bernie'

The Farmer in The Dell

Deep in the middle of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s 33,000 protected acres, Alan Halko has a farm. On this farm he has some chickens (and some peas, and some summer squash and lots of flowers). And even though there’s nothing quite

The Island

You can’t move to Tremont without hearing people buzz about gentrification. But our writer discovers that the more her neighborhood changes, the more it stays the same.


Bingo Lingo

House Haunting

Masumi Memories

Four area institutions celebrate the work of the Cleveland artist shot and killed last year by her neighbor in a dispute over noise.

At Home

Attention Getters

A room-by-room guide to low-stress home improvements your holiday guests are most likely to notice.

Holidays the easy way

Instructions: Be ready for the holidays this year, so you can celebrate in style without becoming a grinch.*

A room-by-room guide to easy home improvements your guests will be sure to notice.
Show off the city: Where to take

Lights and Sights

It’s often forgotten in the race to achieve domestic perfection, find the right gift and assemble your outdoor lighting display: a plan for entertaining your guests once they show up on your doorstep. You will run out of gifts to open, holiday me

This Old House Call


Jeans Queen

Siwy Denim co-founder Sandra Adamo gives a woman's touch to the label.

Travel & Outdoors

The Wisconsin Whey

Bring your appetite, because here, everything is better with cheese.


Better Medicine

Sometimes it’s tough to keep up with new treatments, surgical advances or recent medical findings. So we gathered a few  — from a shot for osteoporosis to new findings about estrogen therapy — that every woman should know about. If

Living with Cancer

Survivors show the courage needed to not just survive, but thrive, after cancer diagnosis.


Adventures in Learning

Learning can - and should - be fun. Two local schools are using play to enhance learning. Find out how you can do the same at home.

Animal Kingdom

Big Ideas

There's interesting research happening here and you likey haven't heard much about it. Here are a few fascinating homegrown studies we uncovered.

Big Shots of Studies

Enduring Excellence

Growth and Opportunity

Innovative Teaching

Lessons for Learning