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October 2008

Food + Drink

(Foodie Forum) Trash Talker

(New Arrival) Hometown Huddle

Buckeye Born

Ohio has a growing — but often overlooked — crop of wineries and cool-climate vintages.


The Mexican Evolution: Zocalo Mexican Grill and Tequileria

Vegging out - Starch, Meat, Repeat

In the CLE

A Neighboorhood, Then and Now

An old-fashioned letter inspires our writer to ask what has kept her suburban neighborhood strong since it was built 50 years ago and why, despite its challenges, she believes it will stay strong for 50 more.

Dead Zone

Flying - on a circuis trapeze without a net

Heather Iriye, aka Sora Sol, has attended a circus bootcamp of sorts in Great Britain since April. She returns home as this issue hits newsstands, and she comes back a changed woman.

Foodie Fight

In Memory


Local Haunts

Porn, Fisticuffs and the Fall of Pat O'Malley

Super Fan

This Will Be on the Test

The city’s hottest political blogger, the brain behind Political Science 216, thrives on scandal and fights predatory lenders with a Blues Brothers-inspired move. We have just one question: Who is he?

Ways To Serve Your Community on Thanksgiving Day

When your family members start to get locked into the materialistic side of the season, ask them to consider the needs of those less fortunate by giving a gift that won’t cost a dime: their time and energy. By Cleveland Magazine Staff

Web Exclusive - Q&A with The Professor of Political Science 216


Beyond Baking

Using ceramic cupcakes, artist Kristen Cliffel gives a whole new meaning to bake sales.

Family Ties

Playwright and Lakewood native Michael Tisdale connects with families of fallen Marines through their stories.

Screaming Good Time

Urban Legend

Video Fame

Arsenio Hall loves his television and computer ... probably a little too much.

This month, the Cleveland native and former late-night host makes his return to TV with a new show that seeks to capitalize on our YouTube-obsessed nation.

At Home

(I'm Not Coming) Home for the Holidays

A Trio of Easy Home Improvements

A Twist on Tradition

Building a Better Tree

Finish Me Now!

Food Fight

Giving Till It Hurts

Holiday Guide Web Extras - "Decorating Advice from "Mr. Christmas"

Holiday Guide Web Extras - Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Holiday Guide Web Extras - How To: Be a Card Shark

Holiday Guide Web Extras - How To: Celebrate with Seasonal Foods

Holiday Home & Garden Guide - 60 Days & Counting

Our week-by-week guide to preparing for and making the most of the holidays this year, with advice on finishing those pesky projects, gift ideas and shopping strategies, tipping: who and how much, decorating like a pro & much more.

Holiday Newsletters: Tacky or Practical?

Ladies, Here's Your Go-to Outfit

Pet Project

Quick Fixes

Time is running out, but you can still make some noticeable improvements to your home before guests arrive.

Running Out the Clock


[Urban Outfitter]

Sports Illustrated

Designer Philipe Winston-Weeden tackles football and fashion with attitude.

Travel & Outdoors

Autumn Island Escape

If a weekend in the middle of Lake Huron doesn’t sound like a pefect fall trip, you haven’t soaked in the scenery of Michigan’s Mackinac Island this time of year.


Fake Yourself fit

Want a workout you won’t quit? Think beyond “exercise” and get moving with an activity you can build into your lifestyle.


Company Kids