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October 2010

Food + Drink

Bank on It

Dante's second incarnation delivers with fresh tastes and new twists.

Breakfast Special

Brewer's Dozen

Edible Autumn

Looking past pumpkins, local chefs are warming up their fall menus with hearty flavors.

Party Time

Quick Bite: Hiroshi's Pub

Real Deal

Francisco Trujillo creates true tastes of Mexico in Akron.

In the CLE


Landmark moments from our past.

City Apps

Cleveland in Translation

Contact Sport

Gate Show

Ghost of the Town

Tales from historic Hudson make for a spooky tour of this legend-filled suburb.

Mr. Vice Guy

Saving Grace

Two friends, linked through alcohol, face the consequences of their actions and seek redemption.

Talking in My Sleep

View From the Top

If you missed visiting the Terminal Tower's observation deck over the summer, you'll get another chance this month.

Where's Victor


Drawn Out

Family Guy

Comedian Steve Harvey has always known how to make us laugh. After spending several years away from television, the Glenville High School graduate is back as the host of the new Family Feud and ready to prove that regular folks are really funny.

Fashionably Great

Project Runway contestant Valerie Mayen talks about taking on reality television and what's in store for her Yellowcake line.

Hope and Despair

Ted Gup's discovery of an old suitcase solves a mystery and sheds light on dark corners of the Great Depression.

Surfin' CLE

There Will Be Blood

Kill Will gives new life to William Shakespeare's most famous death scenes.

To Catch a Dream

Start young, have a voice, go with what you know. Try these simple steps for outstanding internship success.

At Home

A Lust for Rust

It may be the most unlikely spot to unearth an international design trend, but three Cleveland artists and furniture-makers have discovered gold in the Midwest's industrial junkyards and scrap piles.

A Taste for Tradition

The holidays seem far off, but the days will fly by as autumn takes hold. We asked some prominent Clevelanders to share one of their holiday traditions (and in some cases, prized recipes) to serve as inspiration for your celebration.

Cold Hard Facts

Local pros share seven steps you can take now to ensure your yard survives the winter unscathed.

Freshen Up

Whether you're hoping to make big changes or small fixes to your home before guests arrive, here's what to consider before diving in.


Getting Personal

Family comes first for this Chesterland jewelry-maker, and that philosophy shines through her customized pieces.

Hip Squared


The 2010 Top Dentists List

Your guide to more than 350 of the best dentists and specialists in Greater Cleveland.


Movin' On Up

The transition from middle to high school means new challenges, exciting opportunities and plenty of teenage drama. Here's a guide to help parents and students glide through smoothly.