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Magazine Archive

November 2008

Food + Drink

(a taste for) Pumpkin

(dine out) Patios for all Seasons

(good eats) Sweet Twists

(how to) Drink Absinthe

(in the kitchen) Comeback Kid

Duck Billed

Like their college football counterparts, the wines of the Pacific Northwest rarely get their due.

Inspired Dining: Muse


Tasteful Teaching: Sapore

In the CLE

And Another Thing

Bocce Wars

Buzzard Sighting

Casualties of War

A memorial service for Michael McClaren Kashkoush, a Chagrin Falls Marine killed in Iraq, recalls what we’ve lost since Vietnam, but also reflects what we can be as a country.

Crashing JFK's Inauguration

When they were college students, future Cleveland city councilwoman Mary Zunt and future congresswoman Mary Rose Oakar sneaked into John F. Kennedy's snowy inauguration —and his speech inspired their lives' paths. 

Hugging it Out

Just Say Mo

All off-season, the faithful have pined for the Cavaliers' missing piece that could push the team past the Boston Celtics and once again to the top of the Eastern Conference. Then came the late-summer trade for Mo Williams.

November Letters

Science Project

The Reconstruction of Bruce Drennan

Four years ago, it was over: his career, his influence, his life as we knew it. Bruce Drennan’s louder-than-life sports-talk persona lay buried under the debris of an FBI gambling sting that landed him in federal prison. A comeback was the l

Tied to Saving Cash


Bold Soul

Book Report

Dance Lesson

Golden Girl

Life Story

 T.R. Ericsson unveils Thanksgiving this month at the Sculpture Center and shows how common artifacts of our lives and relationships can be some of the most telling.

Mr Write

How I Met Your Mother is Carter Bays’ life. The executive producer, co-creator and head writer for the popular CBS sitcom draws heavily from his days as a soulmate-searching New York City single. Three full television seasons and one Britn

Music Reviews


Ask Frenchye

Beyond the Surface

Correspondence Force

Kati Hanimagi uses a centuries-old process to create Oddball Press’ unconventional line of greeting cards for a new generation.

Shopping with Kim Crow

If you read her style column in The Plain Dealer, you already know how fabulous she is. She’s pretty — not perfect. She splurges — within reason. She realizes that a good outfit makes you feel great, but won’t change

Suits and Scotch

M Lang serves up a little liquid hospitality to attract customers after surviving the Euclid Corridor Project.

The Esstentials

Travel & Outdoors

Cooking Inn Style

Add a pinch of culinary education to your next getaway with cooking classes offered by three Ohio inns.