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Magazine Archive

October 2009

Food + Drink

Chocolate Chestnut (Gesztenye) Torte Recipe From Lucy's Sweet Surrender

Dive On In

La Boca: Word of Mouth

News Bites

Quick Bite: Veggie Delight

Tuscan Revival

In the CLE

And Another Thing

Enlightening Strikes

Grow For It

Andy Bindernagel swore off shaving to raise cash for charity.
Nine months and $2,000 (and counting) later, he’s yet to pick up a Bic.

LeBron Watch


Life of the Party

The most social of leaders, Jimmy Dimora built a career on connections and loyalty. It helped him turn Cuyahoga County’s Democratic Party into a nearly unbeatable machine. It may also be his undoing.

Living in Antarctica

Ralph Harvey, a planetary geologist at Case Western Reserve University, has led meteorite-collecting expeditions on the East Antarctic Plateau for 22 years. The trips usually begin around Thanksgiving and end two months later.

Our Kind of Guy

Seen and Heard

Sunken Treasure

The Marquette & Bessemer No. 2 disappeared in a winter storm 100 years ago, but shipwreck hunters Mike and Georgann Wachter are still enthralled by the mystery of why Lake Erie’s largest ghost ship has never been found.

The Red Berets

Our writer signs up with the crime-fighting Guardian Angels and learns a lesson about not living in fear.

What I Did Over My Summer Termination

Where's Watterson?


A Capitol Investment

A theater’s return to glory helps reinvent the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood.

A Natural Fit

Photographer Jeff Biggar brings nature to life with his images.

Film Review: More Than a Game

Directed by Kristopher Belman

History Repeats Itself

Life According to Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks relives and shares life lessons from his time as an actor for the Great Lakes Theater Festival in this piece from 2009.

At Home

Holiday Hints

15 ideas for making your decorating, shopping and entertaining a little easier this year

Warming Your Home

10 mini-makeovers that can put a fresh face on your place before your guests arrive


To Dye For

Art of Cloth’s sophisticated dyeing process offers an artistic edge while keeping comfort in mind.


Greater Cleveland's Top Dentists

The 2009 topDentists resource is your guide to more than 300 of the best dentists and specialists in Greater Cleveland.


Show Time

Local college students get an inside look at Cleveland with a reality game show.

Welcome to the Real World

Schools are extending their reach by taking the classroom to the world — constructing chicken coops for a Tanzanian orphanage, giving mini-loans to grocers in the Dominican Republic and rebuilding a school in Nicaragua.