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Selling Your Home in Cleveland? Try Opendoor.

Opendoor, the leading residential real estate platform, has expanded into Cleveland. Now, homeowners in the Forest City can sell their home with Opendoor.

Selling a home can be one of life’s most stressful experiences, especially in one of the most competitive real estate markets seen in decades. Cleveland is no exception, with home values increasing by 25.7% over the last year. Trying to navigate the process—from establishing a timeframe for moving to tackling repairs and vacating your home for open houses and tours—can leave homeowners feeling uncertain and overwhelmed.

Are you thinking about selling your home in Cleveland this fall but feel unsure about where to start? Here are three reasons to consider working with Opendoor, the leading digital real estate platform, for a simple, certain and fast experience.

Get a competitive all cash offer on your home (in minutes!)

Opendoor streamlines the home selling process into just a few clicks online. Skip the stress of making updates to your home to get it list-ready.

Visit, type in your address, and provide some details about your home—it takes about  10 minutes. From there, Opendoor will send you an estimate and if you like it, you can begin the selling process.

Save time with self-guided home walkthroughs

While home inspections are a critical part of the selling process, they’re often seen as a lengthy, daunting task. These assessments can take between two to four hours and often require the seller, buyer and an inspector to be present. 

Opendoor has completely simplified the process with self-guided home walkthroughs. Sellers can take videos and photos using a smartphone, computer or regular camera, highlighting what’s unique about their home. By eliminating the steps of more traditional inspections, sellers can complete the digital-first, asynchronous self-assessment in about ten minutes—saving hours of time.

Eliminate the stress of moving and enjoy the next phase of life 

Rather than stressing about lining up your moving timelines, selling to Opendoor gives homeowners an all-cash offer so they can move quickly, easily and with certainty. You control when you move and have the opportunity to choose your closing date, in as few as 14 days or up to 90 days, and you have the flexibility to change that date if something comes up.

If you’re in the Cleveland metro area and looking to sell your home, get started by requesting an offer today at