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August 2017

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Top Doctors: Pediatric Care

Local doctors and experts give us advice on babies, toddlers, preteens and teens because raising kids these days can be tough. 

Food + Drink

5 Progressive Field Vendors Who Got Game

Catch a game while munching on treats from these local spots.

Brim Kitchen & Brewery Finds Its Level

After an ambitious opening, the Willoughby spot settles in.

Knockout Flavor: Step Into The Ring At This Sandwich Shop

Randy Carter's new restaurant throws punches of tastiness you won't see coming.

Lunch Plans? Head to Butcher & The Brewer's New Market

Here's what you'll find us stocking up on.

Our Pizza Obsession Just Got A Little Crazier

Watch your pie being made every step of the way at Ohio City's Pizza Whirl.

Put Your Vitamix To Work With These Tips

Get the most out of your blender these smooth moves.

Rustic Restaurant Keeps It All In The Family

The Rocky River spot celebrates 70 years with a slice of hospitality and homestyle cooking.

The Vault's Got A New Menu

And we're all about these tasty lamb pastrami petites.

In the CLE

1973: Cleveland Mayor Is Arrested

Mayor Ralph Perk was taken in by members of his own department.

Dasha's Perfume

How one smell can take you back in time, 5,000 miles away.

For Art's Sake

Liz Maugans helped launch Zygote Press — the artist workshop and gallery — more than 20 years ago. Now she’s making a mark with her own work while advocating for other Northeast Ohio artists.

Getting Naturalized at One World Day Makes a Mark

India native Manjula Nagaraja felt welcomed into the country and Cleveland at last year’s ceremony.

Hi, Mom!

He may be too to young to be a doctor, but this baby is already a cover model.

Housing First

A new roadmap for Akron should lead to a change in how Cleveland thinks about development.

Light Your Creative Fuse

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest hits Mahall's 20 Lanes with a blast of inspiration.

Morning Star: Amy Eddings Returns To The Airwaves

Moving to rural Ohio wasn't enough to keep this radio show host away from the mic.

Our Guide to Celebrating One World Day

Embrace Cleveland's rich cultural diversity with a parade, dancing, food and more.

Parental Guidance

Your grandma, parents, best friend, Uncle Ernest — they all have opinions.

Slide And Shuffle

Ohio City ups its game with new Forest City Shuffleboard club and bar.

The Race For Cleveland Mayor Has Gotten Crowded

We talked to a few of the candidates about what they would do if they got the job.

The Transformation of Lady J

Jeremiah Davenport came to Cleveland to study musicology but has danced into the spotlight as a drag performer who combines artistry with a deep sense of history. 


Amherst Couple Uses Barn As A Way To Celebrate Their Love Of Music

Using an old carriage house, Stacey and Stefan Bock create a hub for local bands.

Blank Canvas Theatre Takes the Reins On A Revival

Local theaters haven't performed Equus for a decade, but now one company is bring it back.

Embrace Your Love of Bad "B" Movies

In honor of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, we look at our claim to bad movie fame.

Get Back to Roaring Along The Shore

After three years, The Goodtime III is ready to rock the dock with live music.

Get These Back-to-School Reads

Whether you have a tot or teen, Cleveland authors have created thoughtful, illustrated new books.

Teaching Helps Rachele Alpine Write Authentic Books

The Perry High School teacher is releases a young-adult book and middle-grade book this summer.

The Rocky Horror Show Warps Casting Choices

Akron Civic Theatre’s Millennial Theatre Project does a role reversal in this campy classic.

The Winchester Returns To Lakewood

Shane Motolik upgrades the iconic music venue.


Stone In Love: Inside One Couple's Passion For Jewelry

Wild Foot Studio turns to nature to create their delicate gemstone pieces.


3 Alternative Birthing Methods

Midwife Sue Hudson gives us some different delivery options.

3 Things Every Expecting Mom Should Be Eating

Dietician Megan Reynolds shows us how to pack meals with nutrition and flavor.

3 Tips To Help Mom Breast-Feed

Overcome the obstacles and get back on track.

3 Ways To Lengthen Your Child's Attention Span

Dr. Heidi Senokozlieff lists activities to go the extra step beyond medication.

4 Mothers Share Their Birth Stories

Whether they went according to plan or not, these moms tell us about seeing their babies for the first time.

5 Essential Things To Consider For Your Birth Plan

Dr. Wendy Clinger and Dr. Julian Peskin tell us how to prepare for the big day.

Bouncing Back After Birth

Dr. Patrick Catalano discusses the importance of losing that baby weight.

Build A Solid Foundation For Hands-On Learning

Using everyday items, have your child build a bridge to increase creativity.

Changing Your Birthing Plan Is Normal

Not everything will go as planned and that's OK.

First-time Mom Gets Rare Diagnosis

Aleksandra Patete received low-dose chemotherapy that saved her and her baby.

Help Your Kids Become Bully-Proof

Habits for parents to teach their kids to avoid being bullied and becoming one.

How To Know If Your Child Needs Their Doc Or The Emergency Room

Dr. Andrew Garner offers advice on when to panic about childrens' illness.

How To Teach The Birds And The Bees

It may be awkward, but talking about changes in your teen's body is a worthwhile chat.

Living Donor Saves 8-Year-Old Leta Saunders

Diagnosed with a rare condition, she needed a new liver, or a part of one.

Make Potty Training Whiz By

Doctors give tips to help your child succeed in learning to use the bathroom.

Make Sure Your Teen Is Mentally Healthy

Dr. Kimberly Giuliano tells us why overlooking mood swings isn't always the best approach.

Rethink Your Lunchpacking Game

Spice Kitchen & Bar's Ben Bebenroth offers a healthy alternative to PB&J.

Teen returns to dancing after battle with Crohn's

Katherine Harrigan focuses on dancing after six years of remission.

The Divide Between Pro-Vaxxers and Anti-Vaxxers

Dr. Sara Lee tells us why the gap isn't as big as it seems.

The Root Of Problems In Female Athletes

Dr. Amanda Weiss-Kelly gives advice for sporty daughters.

This Technology Is Designed To Save The Tiniest Patients

Rainbow Flex, the world's first high tech surgical bed, is made specifically with babies in mind.

Tips For Parents To Get Everyone Through The Night

Clear the roadblock between you and your bed.

Top Doctors: Pediatric Care

Local doctors and experts give us advice on babies, toddlers, preteens and teens because raising kids these days can be tough. 

Ways To Foster Positive Screen Time

Electronics can be good for kids in moderation.