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April 2014

Food + Drink

A Dish We Love: Lemon Curd Jackflaps

City Guide 2014: Dining

Court Gestures

Easter Brunch

Fare Trials

In the name of journalism, one editor sets out for food-challenge glory.

Jay Plourde Q and A

Park City

Pop-up Shop

Stage Props

Scott Kuhn adds Cibreo Italian Kitchen to his cast of culinary characters.

In the CLE


A City's Limits

Plenty of Clevelanders want to annex East Cleveland. But the troubled town isn't ready to give up its independence. 

Beautiful Things

Close Up

Heart to Heart

Holy Ghosts

Demolition of the Church of the Transfiguration opened up its past.

Ink Stained

Despite his Chief Wahoo tattoo, one Cleveland fan says it's time to finally remove the smiling symbol of racism.

The Departed

United Airlines may have taken off, but that loss just follows a long history of bad moves for the town.

Tweet Smarts

Chris Kuhar creates an animal attraction with @CLEZooDirector.


City Guide 2014

City Guide 2014: Attractions

City Guide 2014: Nightlife

Northeast Ohio offers diverse gambling options for those who are looking to win big.

Double Take

Cleveland Museum of Art offers new insights into Vincent Van Gogh's repetitions.

Full Disclosure

Legendary Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Bob Woodward talks politics at the Ohio Theatre this month.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Edited by Kelly Petryszyn; Stories by James Bigley II, Christina Bucciere, Jason Brill, Steve Gleydura, Barry Goodrich, Sheehan Hannan, John Hitch, Jillian Kramer, Megan Murray, Cassie Neiden, Kelly Petryszyn, Kim

Lights, Camera, Action: Bark Side

Cleveland makeup artist Leslie Shayne Kohn talks working on the set of Draft Day and shows you how to get a look from the film.

Lights, Camera, Action: Center Stage

From a Canton actor turned Hunger Games tribute to a producer of a Sundance gem, meet our rising stars.

Lights, Camera, Action: Confessions of an Extra

From a laugh-out-loud encounter with Megan Mullally to being chased by a villain, extras tell all.

Lights, Camera, Action: Dynamic Set

If you make a movie in Cleveland, chances are you'll end up having one of these experienced professionals on your crew. Meet the locals who jump off tall buildings, compose songs, transform spaces, scout locations and film the whole thing for you.

Lights, Camera, Action: Fun House

Lights, Camera, Action: Hometown Heroes

The filming of Captain America: The Winter Soldier was last summer's main attraction, with celebrity sightings, traffic tie-ups and Hollywood action. Now as the Marvel adventure storms into theaters, Clevelanders Joe and Anthony Russo are ready t

Lights, Camera, Action: Locations We Love

These three local places are our favorite filming spots.

Lights, Camera, Action: Money Maker

While filming in Northeast Ohio, the cast and crew of Draft Day turned to local business for everything from art supplies to yoga.

Lights, Camera, Action: Movie Stars

After plenty of binge-watching and buckets of popcorn, we give you the lowdown on the best of Cleveland's cinematic history with these films that deserve two thumbs up for strong plotlines, interesting portrayals of our city and sometimes a story so bad i

Lights, Camera, Action: Pigskin Classic

Lights, Camera, Action: Screen Play

Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson and more on making movies here.

Lights, Camera, Action: Star Quality

Lights, Camera, Action: Tinsel Town

Record Score

Love music, but forgot the joy of flipping through the racks? With Record Store Day April 19, it's time to reconnect with how music feels. Vinyl veteran, digital junkie or Pandora fiend, here's how to get your record store groove back.

Second Position

Shell Shock

The Velocity of Eric Coble

As the leading man of Cleveland's theater scene for more than a decade, playwright Eric Coble is taking his act to Broadway with the debut of The Velocity of Autumn at New York City's Booth Theatre.

Trash Talk


City Guide 2014: Shopping

Browse five new artisan shops inside downtown's 5th Street Arcades for local finds and unique gifts.

Heavy Metal

Training Day

Flex your inner athlete in sportswear styles that won't make you look like you just left the gym.