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August 2007

Food + Drink

Behind the Scenes: Anthony Bourdain Visits Cleveland

In January 2007, Chef Anthony Bourdain came to town for a true taste of Cleveland cuisine (with a little help from Michael Symon, Michael Ruhlman and Harvey Pekar, of all people). This was the scene as we tagged along with the Travel Channel’s “No Reservations” crew.

French Feast: 2182 Bistro & Wine Bar

A poached egg and blue cheese-smeared crostini perfect the frisee salad.

News Bites

Real Men Drink Rose

Not just for girls anymore, pink makes a perfect summertime drink.

In the CLE

A Two-toned World Blurs

I grew up in a world split between black and white. Now, dining in a Middle Eastern restaurant on Cleveland’s West Side, I see shades of black, white, brown and yellow, and wonder where I stand in it all.

And Another Thing

Attention Corn Dogs! Official Cornhole Rules

Buried Treasures

Cargill Deicing Technology Cleveland Mine

Corn In the U.S.A

Crash Course

You'd have to be crazy to let someone you don't k now spend the night (or a week) on your couch for free. You'd have to be nuts to travel the world (or just our city) depending on the kindness of strangers. But that's exactly what we did to c

F-16 Flight Simulator at Lockheed Martin

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Vaults

Fighting whale hunters in the Antartic

Mentor-native Ryan Rittenhouse did more than recycle a few cans in his quest to protect the environment. He went out to sea and became a pirate.


Going Up

Green Valley

Hidden Cleveland

Hidden in Plain Sight

Too often, we miss the good stuff (though TiVo sometimes makes up for it). Every day we zip past century-old structures on our way to work, walk by secret details on our lunch breaks and overlook yesterday’s artwork as we shop and play. No more. Use

Hide & Seek

Five more fantastic finds and historical footnotes we uncovered while working on our August "Hidden Cleveland" cover story.


NASA's Zero Gravity Research Facility

Seasoned Vet

Shelf Life

Shop Talk

Shop Well

Street Scenes

The Club Seen

The Morgue at the Cuyahoga County Coroner's Office

The Rock and Roll hall of Fame and Museum Archives

Then & Now

Trails and Tribulations

Tunnels Under Great Lakes Brewing Co.

Veteran's Memorial Bridge Lower Level

Web Sighting

Whiskey Island, The Tour

White Coats

After two years of medical school, one test will determine the future of Case Medical School students Millie Gentry, Mike Norton and Marleny Franco.


... And Her Lovely Book

ACTION! Figures

Five independent filmmakers show off their locally made full-length features this month at the Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque’s first-ever festival of homegrown talent.

Kate's Space

Lady of the Garden

Natalie Ronayne plants a seed for urban revitalization as executive director of the Cleveland Botanical Garden.

Roaring Good Time

“The Lion King” returns to Playhouse Square

Tide Cool

At Home

Designed to Sell

Buyers want to see move-in ready homes — no clutter, just clean.

Travel & Outdoors

Back to Basics

In Kentucky, it’s all about the simple life and Southern hospitality.


A Cancer Revolution

From weekly tea parties after chemotherapy to more aggressive and tailored treaments, the emerging field of geriatric oncology is changing the way doctors fight cancer in elderly patients.

Plan For Your Emotional Retirement

Advice for what your 401(k) doesn’t cover


Kids A-Z

The new school year is officially in session, and today’s teachers are focusing on a whole lot more than the “three R’s.”

New Benchmarks, Raised Standards

As college acceptance standards become more rigorous, teachers at every level stress the same thing: Parents need to be involved from the very beginning.

Shop, Shop and You Don't Stop

The back-to-school shooping breakdown, in three manageable steps.