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August 2009

Food + Drink

News Bites

Quick Bite: Food Flirt

Target Market

Taste Infusion

In the CLE

Birth of an Icon

City of Wonder

For one reporter, every story had a thousand pictures.

Don't Try This at Home

In honor of National Kids Day, our writer lets her preschoolers do whatever they want for an entire day. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Honest.

Fix It!

Hidden History

Holding one of the state’s oldest liquor licenses and decades of tall tales, the restoration of a 1902 home turned tavern uncovered stories of gunslinging, Cuyahoga Valley cowboys and a pet crow.

Iconic Cleveland: 20 Icons That Define Cleveland

Our 2009 package exploring 20 icons that define our city-- and the stories you haven't heard. 

Iconic Cleveland: 20 Landmarks That Define Our City

They are the buildings, monuments and symbols that are synonymous with our city. We sought out 20 of the most recognizable and uncovered stories you haven't heard.

Iconic Cleveland: Cavaliers Jersey No. 23

Iconic Cleveland: Progressive Field's Toothbrush Lights

Once you see it, you can't unsee it.

Iconic Cleveland: The Chief Wahoo Sign

How the Western Reserve Historical Society has used the Chief Wahoo sign from municipal stadium to talk about racism.

Iconic Cleveland: The History Behind Cleveland’s Guardians of Traffic

Towering over the Hope Memorial Bridge — formerly known as the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge — these detailed sculptures are Northeast Ohio’s most significant Art Deco monuments.

Iconic Cleveland: The History Behind Cleveland's Free Stamp

Created by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen, the sideways stamp might be the most divisive piece of public art in the city's history. 

Iconic Cleveland: The History Behind Cleveland's Terminal Tower

Before Key Tower and 200 Public Square, the Terminal Tower ruled Cleveland's skyline on its own and has become the city's symbol of pride and perseverance.

Iconic Cleveland: The History Behind Designing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

In 1995, Cleveland was given another reason to rock. The building itself cuts against the lakeshore, as edgy as the collection it houses. 

Iconic Cleveland: The History Behind The Arcade

Built in 1890, The Arcade at 1401 Euclid Avenue is an  architectural masterpiece.

Iconic Cleveland: The History Behind the Bridges of The Flats in Cleveland

A century ago, industry poured wealth into the city. It did so over the bridges that crisscross our crooked river. Times have changed, but the swinging, lifting and soaring spans remain. We asked Cleveland bridge enthusiast Mark Filippell (who just finished building his fourth bridge replica) about a trio of our favorites.

Iconic Cleveland: The History Behind the Browns Helmet Design

The orange-clad, white-striped helmet is known by Browns fans internationally. How did its design come to be?

Iconic Cleveland: The History Behind the Cleveland Museum of Art's The Thinker

The Thinker remains a moving piece of art to Clevelanders, despite its history of criminal damage. 

Iconic Cleveland: The History Behind the Fountain of Eternal Life in Memorial Plaza

Adjacent to Key Center, this 1964 fountain is located in Cleveland's Memorial Plaza.

Iconic Cleveland: The History Behind the Soldiers' & Sailors' Monument

Dedicated in 1894, Public Square, across from the Terminal Tower complex, the monument is a work of art that stands tribute to heroic lives and history. 

Iconic Cleveland: The Leg Lamp

Cleveland's--- and Christmas'--- celebrated "major award."

Iconic Cleveland: The Steel Mill's Flame

Though no longer lit, it is remembered.

Iconic Cleveland: The Story Behind the Whaling Wall

No. 75, Song of the Whales, is located at the Cleveland Public Power Plant, 5152 N. Marginal Road. 

Illuminating Investment

Love by Committee

Sometimes relationships are just too hard to figure out by yourself. Enter the Board of Love: three friends, business cards, monthly meetings and Robert’s Rules of Order.

Much Ado About 'Nothing'

Original Soundtrack

Piloting the Goodyear Blimp

Almost 35 years ago, Mark Kynett was a business owner who dreamed of a life in the skies. Now, the 56-year-old Akron man floats around as a Goodyear blimp pilot and says coming back to earth can be the hardest part.

White Coats

Into a medical system on the brink of change, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine graduates an Army man with a family, an activist for equal health care and a rebel in green sneakers.


A Stand-up Job

Kids These Days

Native Talk

Reviews | Books

Taking Stock

The Sound of Science

True Notes

After leaving Nashville and a career as a professional songwriter, Chris Castle returns with a sound all his own.


Classic Confections

Valerie Mayen’s Yellowcake line tempts fashion palates with sweet coats and dresses.

Tasty Treats


The ABCs of Raising a Successful Learner

Guess what? It doesn’t begin with learning those ABCs and 1-2-3s. Get your child ready for school with simple, everyday activities that promote curiosity, coordination and cooperation.