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July 2012

Food + Drink

Air Fare

Bottle Service

Brian Benchek and Dave Schubert offer East Side beer fans a brew-it-yourself spot.

Caffeine Buzz

The upstart CLE Brews, a group of independent cafes and artisan roasters, is building a movement it hopes will make you put down the chain coffee.

Double Fare

Grape Escapes: Drink It In

With live music, food, bocce, balloon rallies and pet days, there is much to do at Debonne Vineyards — including tasting some good wine and beer.

Grape Escapes: Spiritual Bouquet

With its tasting room in a little white church and a spectacular view, South River Vineyard offers a heavenly experience.

Grape Escapes: Taste of Italy

Gervasi Vineyard brings a touch of Tuscany to Northeast Ohio with its wine-focused resort.

Grape Escapes: The Perfect Pour

Not sure where to start your sipping? Take some expert advice from American Wine Society's Tom Cobett and The Locavore's Kitchen author and local-foods enthusiast Marilou Suszko on the region's best quaffs, from ice wine to cabernet.

Grape Escapes: Varietal Varieties

Grape Escapes: View Finder

Breathtaking scenery adds to the appeal of the Winery at Wolf Creek.

Keeping It Local

Chef Ben Bebenroth brings his sustainability approach to Gordon Square with Spice Kitchen & Bar.

Plate Appearances

Smoke Signal

In the CLE


Landmark moments from our past

City Limits

Going Digital

Lane Gain

An inside look at the bike-friendly upgrades to the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge.

Life According to Dominique Moceanu

Monsters, Inked

Local artists transform a fake movie poster into a real comic book series.

Sheep Shape

Your eyes do not deceive you. Those are in fact sheep handling lawn care along the Lake Erie shore.

Spoof Positive

Ever wanted to keep track of Jimmy Dimora in prison or know the Free Stamp's innermost thoughts? Twitter has you covered (kind of).

The Other Serial Killer

He preyed on drug addicts and prostitutes, unknowingly operating in the same neighborhood and with the same methods as Anthony Sowell. And if not for the efforts of Cuyahoga County's cold case unit, Joseph Harwell probably would have gotten away with it.

Water Proof

As The Burning River Foundation honors George Voinovich for his career-long defense of Lake Erie, we asked him what he considers his biggest achievements.

Well Aged

What Are the Odds?

The new Horseshoe Casino is doubling down on Cleveland's long, notorious and clandestine gambling history.


Finding a Voice

The Strange Familiar discovers a sound all its own on Chasing Shadows.

Fine Print

Comic strips and feminism: A review of two books released by local authors.

Heal Time

Jacqueline Marino's White Coats examines the long and arduous road to becoming a doctor.

Road Trip

Artist Sarah Paul tours the city's best hidden musical landmarks by bus, with a little revelry thrown in for good measure.

Room Mates

The new Proximity art gallery opens with a fresh design and local showcase.

Sacred Art

Erin and Colleen Garlock's new book peers into the city's history of stained glass windows.

Still Roaring

The Cleveland Museum of Art's Youth and Beauty: Art of the American Twenties showcases an era of artistic creation.

Talking the Vote

David Gregory of NBC's Meet the Press on how Ohio may impact the 2012 Presidential Election.


Love Notes

Greeting cards from local design firm Chartreuse are giving Clevelanders a reason to sign, seal and deliver.

Travel & Outdoors

Grape Escapes

Drink in our travel guide to 60 Northeast Ohio wineries. From scenery and romance to family fun and culinary expertise, we found something for all tastes.

Grape Escapes: Country Charmer

Vermilion Valley Vineyards creates a far-away retreat by focusing on local appeal.

Grape Escapes: Hitting the Trails

Grape Escapes: Sip and See

Experience the outdoors while enjoying wine with one of these interactive feasts for the senses.

Grape Escapes: Sip and Shop

Put down the glass and take out your credit card. Here are some spots for other treasures.

Grape Escapes: Sip and Sizzle

Get beyond cheese and crackers at wineries with a flair for food.

Grape Escapes: Sip and Sleep

They're the perfect companion to your wine weekend: five great inns to rest your tipsy head.

Grape Escapes: Sip and Soiree

Vintage Ohio may be the granddaddy of Ohio wine celebrations, but here are some smaller events to sample.

Grape Escapes: Sip and Study

Learn a thing or two about the wine you're drinking with these grape opportunities.

Grape Escapes: Time Tested

As one of Ohio's oldest vineyards, Firelands Winery is all about history, family and fun.


Image Conscious

In a social media- and camera phone-dominated world, you're constantly reminded what you look like. In the past year, Greater Cleveland plastic surgeons have seen a jump in procedures aimed at putting your best face forward.

Smiling On

New advances are making cosmetic dentistry more attractive to baby boomers hoping to maintain their teeth for a lifetime.