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Food + Drink

Bomba Tacos & Rum

Global Ingredient

Laugh Track

Fueled by his big personality and even a greater love of food (and our city), Iron Chef Michael Symon has taken on New York City. 

Patron Saint

Bourbon Street Barrel Room owner Justin Clemens brings the tastes, sights and sounds of New Orleans to Tremont in a thoughtful and extravagant way.

Pop Quiz

Douglas Katz fills us in on Katz Club Diner's return as a pop-up restaurant.

Redhawk Grille

Scoop Dreams

Scoop Dreams: Better Together

Two local companies are churning out cool collaborations.

Scoop Dreams: Cool Intentions

Three frozen yogurt shops we love.

Scoop Dreams: Cream of the Crop

Give these 12 stellar scoops a lick.

Scoop Dreams: Dairy King

We dip into the chill legacy of Malley's Chocolates.

Scoop Dreams: Frost Bites

Chase down these cool ice cream treats.

Scoop Dreams: Italian Made

Three gelato shops we love.

Scoop Dreams: Local Flavor

Check out these three neighborhood ice cream shops that deliver on memories, community and taste.

Scoop Dreams: Mason's Creamery

Scoop Dreams: Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream

Scoop Dreams: Mix Up

Weber's Premium Custard and Ice Cream reclaims an iconic recipe with its frosted malt.

Scoop Dreams: Name Sake

East Coast Custard's Pearl Road Crunch is an all-in-one dessert named after its original Parma Heights location.

Scoop Dreams: Stick Up

Three popsicles places we love.

Scoop Dreams: Sugar Rush

Scoop Dreams: Taking Shape

Sweet Moses Soda Fountain & Treat Shop's Gordon Square sundae artfully crafts ingredients into a tasty creation.

Scoop Dreams: Taster Makers

Scoop Dreams: The Case for Cones

Why a crunchy cone is always the most satisfying option

Scoop Dreams: Top Gear

Coat your next sundae, scoop or cone with one (or all) of these fixings.

Scoop Dreams: Tremont Scoops

Second Glance: Academy Tavern

Sunset Harbor Bar and Grille

The List: Seafood Dishes


Succulent watermelon is the quintessential fruit of summer. Relish its sweet, refreshing flavor in these creative dishes.

In the CLE

All In?

Do LeBron James' comments on sports healing a city hold any truth for Cleveland?

Bench Warmer

Bid Wonder

After authoring the winning Republican National Convention bid, attorney Jon Pinney grapples with a year of highs and lows.

Boiling Point

The Manhattan Project Cleveland Lab cooks up zany, 10-minute plays every other month.

Disc Jockeys

Frozen in Time

Game Theory

Grounds Keeper

High Society

In 1932, Guests Attended A Funeral for Members of The Cleveland Mafia

The lavish funeral at St. Anthony's Catholic Church in the Haymarket district brought out around 5,000 guests. 

Pony Up

Like John Adams on the drum at Indians games, the 50-year-old Cleveland Grand Prix has become tradition for local sports fans. We rein in the historical numbers.

River Dance

FWD Day & Nightclub pumps up the volume on the Flats East Bank.

Shoe In

Sonic Youth

A Shaw High School senior is bringing the conversation on race out of the classroom and into the public sector to create harmony.

The Kingdom of Boz

A former drug dealer turned preacher, Jeff Bodziony is spreading good deeds and support on the same streets where he once pushed pot and polluted lives.


Key Performance

Launch Hour

JoAnna Garcia Swisher lands on the new summer series, The Astronaut Wives Club.

Patriot Act

Summer Swing


Art Walk

Ohio City's Xhibition kicks up our men's fashion cred with exclusive sneakers.

Shape Up

Space Lift

Waterloo Arts District is getting a creative boost with three new specialty studios.


Healthy Living: Full Attention

More patients are turning to cosmetic procedures that add volume to the face, breasts and backside.