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October 2006

Food + Drink

Fit to be Thai: Ty Fun

Ty Fun Thai Bistro

Mapping the World of Wine

Geography has never been so tasty.

News Bites

In the CLE

City Life

Quick Hits

Coming of Age at Alexander Hamilton Junior High School

A black teen during the ’60s, our writer navigates Cleveland’s daunting racial geography: the foreign manners of his white classmates, the seductive anger of the kids on his street. Would he find his way?

Dawg Save the Queen

Inspiration by the Glass


Life Outside the Lines

Dick Schafrath helped the Buckeyes to a national title and the Browns to an NFL Championship. And that's before we even get to the most interesting stuff he's done.

Pedal Pusher

Does turning in your car for a two-wheeled commute sound crazy? Maybe so, but once you get beyond the potholes, poor drivers and other perils that bikers face on our roadways, there's a lot to discover about the city and yourself while looking over the

Rodney Chatman

Mr. Romance

Scream Songs

Midnight Syndicate's dark orchestral compositions conjure haunted halls and crumbling crypts. Who knew creating the sound track to your nightmares could be a full-time job.

She Can Only Be Her

The pop music scene caters to kids, so how does a soul singer find an adult audience? For Cleveland schoolteacher Conya Ross, the answer is word of mouth, Internet buzz and faith in her own talent.

The Agenda

Advertisng, Promotions, and Events

Your Vote Counts ... Or Does It?


The presidential election in 2000 woke us up to the reality that elections aren't perfe


A Moveable Feast

After a hungry season, dance-starved Clevelanders get Batsheva and Philadanco.

Biz Buzz

Sneaking a peak at world-class business

Loud as Life

Rock 'n' Roll Revival

Seven years after disappearing from your radio dial, Pat "The Producer" Johnson and his "Inner Sanctum" Sunday-night local music show are back on the city's airwaves.

Viva Barcelona

The Cleveland Museum of Art plays host to an exhibition showcasing the roots of Modernism with more than 300 works from Spain's birthplace of the movement.

At Home

Batteries Not Included

Everything new gets old fast, so check out these perennially popular toy ideas to keep young minds stimulated (and the beeping to a minimum).

City Sidewalks

Nine Cleveland-centric ways to entertain your guests (and get them out of the house) during all that holiday season downtime when you're not opening gifts, eating gut-busting meals or watching "A Christmas Story" for the 3,000th time.

Holidays the Old School Way

Picking up a prepared Thanksgiving dinner at the local supermarket. Hiring an interior designer to decorate the house — including the tree. Calling the caterer to supply all the food and beverage for your annual holiday bash. Ordering gifts onlin

Home, Sweep Home

You're ready to hire a cleaning service to get your home in shape for all that holiday foot traffic. Here are 10 questions you should ask before making the hire.

Sprucing Up

Need to freshen the look of your home before guest arrive?  Check out these seven ideas that can each be tackled in the span of a single weekend.

Stress Less

'Tis the season of frayed nerves. But being prepared for the holidays can help - a lot.  Local organizing expert Sandra Einstein offers 10 strategies for conquering chaos.

Travel & Outdoors

This Old World

Walk where you will -- in Montreal, there's a delicious (and probably French) surprise around every corner.


Ask the Plastic Surgeon

Question: I am a 34-year-old male and I am experiencing hereditary hair loss. My hairline is receding significantly and I have developed a bald spot in the back of my scalp. I am very self-conscious about it, and I feel that it makes me look older

Just Move It

Live longer, stay healthy and get energized with exercise. No matter your age, our experts have a get-moving plan for you.


A Whole New 'U'

The University of Akron

Fitting In

What does it take to get into the school of your choice?  
Area private schools and universities explain what it takes to make the grade.

Learning By Living

Kent State University

Major Additions

Ursuline College

My Kid is Gifted. Now What?

Every parent would love to have a child who's exceptionally smart or creatively talented. But the realities of having a gifted child can be challenging for everyone involved

Read This ... and This, and This, AND THIS

Are you ready to tackle the reading list your English Lit professor just handed out?

Shape Your Future

The University of Toldeo

The "Problem" with Gifted Kids

Four Experts Weigh In