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Magazine Archive

January 2006

Food + Drink

Ride 'em Cowboy

Cowboy Food and Drink.

In the CLE

A.M. F.M.

Stern is out, Roth is in and Rover is heading to Chicago. We offer a guide to the morning mounts who can make that daily dose of gridlock a bit more bearable.

And Another Thing

Anonymous Letters of the Month

Beyond the Printed Page, Volume 3

Can I Get a Witness?

'Creative' Writing

Elizabeth Kucinich: More to Say

Feagler Feedback

MIX 106.5 and KISS FM Wedding Fair 2006

Most Interesting People 2006

One made Oprah's book club; another is attempting the worlds first full face transplant. There's a man who build a mini Taj Mahal out of Legos an another who's using real bricks to construct homes for artists. They're experts on everything from hip hop

National City Home and Garden Show

New Arrival

New Year. New Mayor. New Attitude.

Our Most Interesting People

She's traveled the globe helping people. She wants to change the world (and has a plan to do it). She's young, smart, and beautiful. She also happens to be Mrs. Kucinich.

Survey Says

Target Market

The Agenda

The Marine Moms Tour of Duty

The Paris Island to prepare them for the long absences, constants worry and news reports of casualties. But they don't go through it alone. They are a band of mothers.

The Populist

Frank Jackson says the test of his success as Cleveland's new mayor is whether his work helps "The Least of Us." It's the same test others face, if they want to earn the wary mayor's trust.

Web Sighting

Who Will Light the Way?

Louis B. Seltzer and The Cleveland Press had it right: Deliver a newspaper that's friendly, reliable and willing to fight for the everyman. But is it possible for a one-newspaper town to reclaim that intimacy in an ever-threatening digital age?

Women's Community Foundation Speaker's Series

Yolanda Windsor

Dietitian, Southwest General Health Center.      


Building the Perfect Circle

Kathy Coakley Barrie and Dennis Barrie are drawing a new triangle for the Circle.

Cue the Caterpillar

One very hungry caterpillar feasts at Playhouse Square.    

Rock of Ages

Kelleys Island is Charles Herndon's studio. Glacial remnants are his medium.

Techno Cleveland

Combining art, technology, and a new perspective.    

The Black Belt Way

The GroundWorks Garden

GroundWorks Dance Theater brings grace to the garden.

At Home

A Custom Fit

When it came to finding the dwelling of their dreams, these three homeowners didn't hit the real estate market, they remodeled. These three success stories prove renovating your living space may be better than searching for a new one.

From Bare to Beautiful

If your basement is a blank slate, you've got rooms full of untapped potential. Here's what you need to consider before turning that bare space into a usable space.

Planning Ahead

Want to hire a remodeling firm to do work in your home during 2007? You have some important  decisions to make in the next six months. Follow this timeline and you'll be mentally and financially prepared for the undertaking long before the dust st

Remodeling 9-1-1

Don't invite disaster. For best results, follow these four guidelines from local remodeling pros when taking a home improvement project into your own hands.

The Extra Bathroom

Installing an additional bathroom is a common component of basement finishing projects.

Travel & Outdoors

Detroit XL

With the Super Bowl on its way and a revival of shopping and dining downtown, Detroit is looking large and in charge.

Great Lakes Options

Sharks await you just outside Cincinnati.


The Art of Plastic Surgery

New Beginnings. A New You - For the New Year.


Beyond the Tooth Fairy

Caring for your children's teeth isn't magic. Just follow some simple advice.

Ease Your Labor Pains

Creating a calm, loving and supportive environment can ease some of the pains of childbirth

How I Lost the Baby Weight

Six moms reveal how they got fit and reclaimed their former bodies after childbirth, so you can too.