Judge Cicconetti Painesville Judge Michael Cicconetti

Feature story

Painesville Municipal Court Judge Michael Cicconetti has become a national folk hero for his quirky sentences. But does his unconventional approach really work?

Lakewood's Solstice Steps

Rating the Suburbs: Lakewood

The city's walkability and front porches make it an ideal landing spot for empty nesters.


Join a Team with Cleveland Plays

Gear up for a friendly game of football, beach volleyball, kickball and more this summer.

Local Happenings

Fire Pit

This Backyard Must-Have Lights Our Fire

The natural gas-fueled Berkshire Fire Pit doubles as a casual outdoor coffee table for easy entertainment options.

Rocky River Kayak

Rating the Suburbs: Rocky River

The lakefront suburb appeals to hipsters, prepsters and every kind of millennial in between.

Gaby Apaestegui

Rating the Suburbs: Gaby Apaestegui

The 17-year-old Swensons Drive In employee from Stow is thinking about school and saving up for a car.