The Weekender: 5 Things to Do Nov. 11-13

Warm up with the SouperBowl CLE, get lost in an international film and more ways to enjoy this weekend. 

Body Traffic

BodyTraffic Transcends Dance

The LA company works blends showmanship and technical skills into its versatile, invigorating package.


We Spy Bond … James Bond

007 Gets a Thrilling Musical Tribute by the Cleveland Pops Orchestra.

20-Sided Dice

Geek Out at Con on the Cob

Channel your inner Leonard and Sheldon with tabletop gaming, cosplay and Star Wars vs. Star Trek.

Red Lotus Foods Thumbnail

Food Lovers' Guide: Red Lotus Foods

Alejandro and Jeanne Rivera prove cheese lovers can find a healthy vegan substitute with their creamy cashew spreads.

Saucisson Beef Jerky Thumbnail

Food Lovers' Guide: Saucisson

Butchers Peggy Barend and Melissa Khoury tap into our inner carnivore.