Xyla Foxlin

Most Interesting People 2017: Xyla Foxlin

The Case Western Reserve University student makes long-distance relationships more meaningful with her Parihug stuffed bears.

Carrie Samek

Most Interesting People 2017: Carrie Samek

The Cavs event and arena marketing manager got the ultimate task of planning the city's biggest party of the year.

Public Square Winter

Why Are We Such Cold Weather Wussies?

Folks in Northeast Ohio complain about chilly weather. A lot. But is it really that bad?

Andrew Miller

Most Interesting People 2017: Andrew Miller

The Cleveland Indians pitcher possesses a nasty slider and mid-90 mph fastball that helped him win the ALCS MVP.


The Weekender: 5 Things to Do Jan 6-8

Wander through a winter wonderland of activities from a frosty fest to the annual ice show with Disney faves and more.