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August 2011

Food + Drink


Cocktail Cravings

Fired Up

Food Network

The Little Italy restaurant scene is a mix of traditional Italian fare, modern cuisine and plenty of pizza.



Southern Charm

Surprise Harvest

Chef Michael Longo's unusual creations spark the interest of suburban taste buds.

Taco Talk

Wealth of Flavors

Chef Jill Vedaa's inventive new restaurant borrows a historic location and iconic name.

In the CLE


American Ingenuity

Apparel & Accessories

The clothing you'll find here comes from around the world, making for a much different experience than hitting the mall.

Bicycle Boost

City Apps

Critical Thinking

Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Pray, Love

Faithful Servant

Holy Rosary pastor Joseph Previte leads a congregation fueled by tradition and devotion.

Family Tradition

Tony Vitantonio is a third-generation resident of Little Italy, and he isn't going anywhere.


A veritable United Nations of art, this neighborhood's nearly two dozen galleries reach far beyond strictly Italian fare.

Gift Shops

Little Italy's 10 gift shops are filled with works by local artisans and hard-to-find imports alike.

Greetings From Linndale

Linndale, Cuyahoga County's tiniest town and most infamous speed trap, has survived being torn in half, the wrath of the state legislature, and the scorn of several state Supreme Court justices. By last year, Linndale faced only one more challenge: the U.S. Census.


Honest Effort

How To: Navigate the Feast

How To: Play Bocce

How To: Speak the Language

Insider Tips

Instant Nostalgia

Using a Polaroid camera to capture a moment requires patience and practice. Timothy Logan likes the challenge.

Letting Go of LeBron

After another postseason meltdown and a flood of national criticism, the man who proclaimed himself king has a lot to think about during the offseason. So do we.

The Mirror Image

Think Globally

An art installation on display here through Sept. 11 puts a new spin on the global warming debate.

World of Beauty

Barbara Strom's shop showcases imports from Italy and around the globe.

You Got Trouble

Casinos are instruments of the devil, trouble with a capital T — according to all I've heard and read.


Art I Am

A traveling exhibit of bronze Dr. Seuss characters shows a different side of the children's book author.

Attention Shoppers

Photographer Brian Ulrich deals with consumerism in the Cleveland Museum of Art's latest exhibit.

Day By Day

Julia Kuo's art began as a personal, visual record of her life here. It's since grown into a blog that offers unusual and insightful views of the city.

Modern Love

Screen Time

Showing classics and foreign art films in a single-screen theater without a concession stand isn't easy. Just ask John Ewing. The director of the Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque has been doing it for 25 years.

Second Act

After more than eight decades in its former location, the Cleveland Play House moves to the city's Theater District.

Seeing Double

Summer Fling

At Home

Celebrity Homes

Crafted Comfort

Fox 8's Stefani Schaefer has carried her DIY attitude into her East Side home.

Dude Ranch

Channel 3's Mark Nolan puts a masculine stamp on a century-old farmhouse and 4-acre property.

Home Court

Former Cav Larry Nance's Bath retreat is playful, personal and perfectly cozy.

Timeless Tastes

Chef Jonathan Bennett's ranch fits his modern yet classic design palate.

Work Space

MOCA's Jill Snyder displays her love for art in her Shaker Heights apartment.


Creative Outlet

Chris Sorensen turned her childhood obsession into Lakewood's Crafty Goodness.


Tablet Rasa

Laptops, iPads, social networks and computer simulation games are making their way into area classrooms, giving teachers a blank slate for innovative approaches to learning.