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February 2009

Food + Drink

(Blue Plate Special) Table for Two

(Foodie Forum) Sweet Series

(QUICK BITE) Soulful Sandwiches

A Cut Above


Tuesday Night Wines

Perfect with meatloaf, they’re just as good the next day.

In the CLE

A Traffic Fable

The untimely death of Robert Railsford is still a mystery.

And Another Thing

Chicken scoop

Christmas Under the Stars

Dick Feagler recalls his most memorable Christmas while working guard duty at an Army base in New Mexico.

City Hall for Rent

A potential change in local government office brings feelings of dread and doubt in our city's future.

Coming Home to Mother

Why heading back downtown may not be exactly like a John Denver song, but is still just as good. 

Cover Stories

Dick Feagler analyzes the success of the American book cover, beginning with Ruth Harris' The Rich and the Beautiful.

Disturbing Observations

Looking back on the end of an era. 

Electronic Nightmare: Can the Computer Ruin You?

How easy access may not be such a good thing. 

From the Heart

Hate with the Proper Strangers

There is an in-between on the way from love to hate, and it's not the worst place to be. 

How To ... cont. 2

How To ... cont. 3

How To ... cont. 4

How To ... cont. 5

How To ... cont. 6

How To …


Mork and Jimmy

QUBE, a Columbus television system, allows its audience to rate Jimmy Carter's speech shaping the way we view presidential elections.

Opening Above the Palace

It's Dick Feagler. He may be a little slicker, but he's still the same guy you love (or love to hate).

Our Feagler Year

Legendary columnist Dick Feagler spent 1979 chronicling the city for Cleveland Magazine. Here's what we learned: His lessons are as poignant today as when he wrote them.

Our Own Abe

For 25 years, John Kapelka has interpreted the life of our nation’s 16th president. This month brings a special milestone — the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth.

Running |135 miles through Death Valley

Alex Nemet, of Westlake, has climbed Mount Rainier and Mount Kilimanjaro. He’s run ridiculous distances before. But the father of two and owner of Northeast Factory Direct knew the Badwater Ultramarathon, self-

Singles File: Angie Stetzy

Singles File: Bill Rudman

Singles File: Ciarra Nelson

Singles File: Dan Bizga

Singles File: Heather Beck

Singles File: Jerome Harrison

Singles File: Kate Hubben

Singles File: Kathryn Eyring

Singles File: Lesley Scaravelli

Singles File: Melissa Barber

Singles File: Melissa Mack

Singles File: Melissa Plute

Singles File: Michael Goulis

Singles File: Mike Minnick

Singles File: Nicole Burke

Singles File: Phillip Morris

Singles File: Scott Jacobs

Singles File: Tim Richards

Singles File: Tim Ryan

Singles File: Tom Kondilas

Target Market

Tet Project

Forty years after covering the Vietnam War for The Plain Dealer, the writer returns to Saigon, and memories of Clevelanders at war resurface — the shooter from Independence, the reluctant reservists from Garfield Heights, the Euclid biker

The Last Word

For 38 years, he’s been Cleveland’s voice, its greatest storyteller and its common-sense conscience. Now, as he retires, Dick Feagler looks back on his writing life and the history he witnessed.

The Trouble With Happy News

Or what happened to my last 100-year-old woman story.

What's in a Name?

CleveTrust drops Cleveland from its name, and the city bats an eye.


Behind the Mask

Photographer Keith Berr’s Ruins and Lives captures a true expression of Southeast Asia.

Going Solo

Soon after Channel 3 named Romona Robinson the lone anchor of its weeknight newscasts, we talked to the beloved broadcaster about what the move means for her, the station’s viewers and the future of the city’s TV news landscape.

Hair Affair

Love Notes

POP art

Quick Draw

Real Whirl

At Home

For Love or Monet

Parlez-vous romance? Set the mood in your backyard with French-inspired landscape features.

Home and Garden Guide

This month, escape these winter days and discover ...

Home centers

Hunkering down at home? Add these home improvements for a luxurious stay-cation.

Just Add Water

You can dig it! Seven steps for a pond.

Monet in the making

Draw landscapes like a master - or at least try.


[Screen Savers]

Prints Charming

A local artist lights up the small screen with delightful images fit for any surface — from walls to wallets.

Travel & Outdoors

Wahoo for Spring Training!

It’s a whole new ballgame as the Indians return to Arizona for the first time in more than 15 years. A lot has changed since the last time around the park. We’ll get you ready for autographs, ballpark food and where to spend your time outsi