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January 2018

Featured Articles

Inside Sara Shookman's Nautical-Inspired Nuptials

The WKYC anchor married Angelo DiFranco at the historic U.S. Coast Guard station on Whiskey Island.

Most Interesting People 2018: Savannah James

She's much more than LeBron James' wife — she's an influential powerhouse as the founder of Women of Our Future.

Food + Drink

A Fresh Crop of Vendors Set Up Roots In The West Side Market

These seven new vendors are adding new diversity and new treats.

Get Spicy With Our Seasoned Guide

Punch up the menu with uncommon spices for health and flavor.

Head To Heck's Express For Gourmet Food On The Go

Fadi Daoud takes what we love from Heck's Cafe and makes it fast and easy.

Kick Off The New Year With These Superfruit Acai Bowls

These five spots will get you hooked on the healthy new trend.

Marble Room Offers Playful Plates In Sleek Surroundings

An opulent renovation is paired with a modern menu at the downtown steakhouse.

Molto Bene Does Very Well With Authenic Italian Flavors

The cozy Lakewood restaurant offers pizzas, pastas and house-made gelato.

In the CLE

1970: An Unknown Assailant Bombs Rodin's Sculpture

Outside the Cleveland Museum of Art, The Thinker is the target of an unsolved attack.

A Measured Path

A college reunion breathes fresh life into the past.

Dive Into Kalahari's New Interactive Video Game Water Slide

The Storm Chaser is 375 feet of techno-induced water fun.

Frank Jackson Is Back At Work

Interviewed the day after his historic fourth-term win, the mayor talks Public Square, police relations and more.

Gotta Groove Hits A Musical High Note

The vinyl manufacturer produced a million records last year.

How to Go Viral With The Greatest of Eavesdropping

We peek inside BJ Colangelo's viral Twitter thread about two women who suspected their husbands of cheating on them with each other. 

Lega-Z: 10 Questions with Zydrunas Ilgauskas

From injury-riddled rookie to Cleveland icon, Zydrunas Ilgauskas is honored by the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission this month. 

Most Interesting People 2018: A.J. Andrews

A.J. Andrews takes the gold as the first woman to ever win the Rawlings Gold Glove Award.

Most Interesting People 2018: Alysse Dalessandro

As the designer of Ready to Stare, Dalessandro is drawing attention to the importance and inspiration of plus-size fashion.

Most Interesting People 2018: Anne Harrill

The French-born jewelry designer crafts classic, dainty necklaces, earrings and more.

Most Interesting People 2018: Anne Hartnett

With a new spin studio downtown, the Harness Cycle owner is on a roll.

Most Interesting People 2018: Archie Green

Green is an advocate making mental health the forefront of his rapping career.

Most Interesting People 2018: Bishop Nelson Perez

As the first Hispanic diocesan bishop in the entire Midwest, Perez holds powerful influence with a bilingual background.

Most Interesting People 2018: Brian Scanlan and Jessceya Bonds

This student-teacher duo built a 3-D printed wheelchair to help a paralyzed guinea pig named Luna.

Most Interesting People 2018: Carlos Carrasco

The Cleveland Indians pitcher, known for his nasty slider, has a fun, artistic side to him. Just ask his teammates.

Most Interesting People 2018: Celeste Ng

The Shaker Heights native and New York Times bestselling author is setting a blaze with her second novel, Little Fires Everywhere.

Most Interesting People 2018: Christin Farmer

As the founder of Birthing Beautiful Communities, Farmer is bringing doulas to mothers in need.

Most Interesting People 2018: Connor Blakley

At only 18 years old, the entrepreneur runs a successful youth marketing company aimed at Generation Z.

Most Interesting People 2018: David Giffels

This Rust Belt author examined his own mortality by building his coffin with the help from his father.

Most Interesting People 2018: Fabio Salerno

As the chef and owner of TownHall, Salerno has been shaping the healthy eating community in Cleveland.

Most Interesting People 2018: Giovonni Santiago

The military veteran serves as a mentor for transgender youth.

Most Interesting People 2018: Holly Miller

No bones about it--Miller is a beast, winning the World's Strongest Disabled Man's women seated division in London.

Most Interesting People 2018: Jason Lloyd

The Cleveland sports author has a blueprint for running the Cleveland branch of The Athletic, and it's working.

Most Interesting People 2018: Jeff Kurkjian and Jeremiah Widmer

These bros buoy Q104s The Jeremiah and Jeff Show with a host of laughs.

Most Interesting People 2018: Kyle Korver

The shooting guard's late-game heroics helped the Cavs tie a franchise-record 13-game winning streak in December.

Most Interesting People 2018: Mahwish Chishty

The Guggenheim Fellowship award-winning artist creates colorful art using drones as inspiration.

Most Interesting People 2018: Melissa Yasinow

The Cleveland Heights councilwoman wants to get more women into political office.

Most Interesting People 2018: Michael Estime

From major snowstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes, the WKYC meteorologist loves extreme weather.

Most Interesting People 2018: Najeebah Shareef

A conversation with a homeless veteran spawned Shareef's vision to kickstart Inspiring Lives Forever Transportation.

Most Interesting People 2018: Natasha and Alex Pogrebinsky

The Ukrainian-born siblings are cooking up new culinary adventures after working at Hub 55.

Most Interesting People 2018: Neeha Curtis

The Cleveland 19 News anchor brings her worldly experience to Cleveland.

Most Interesting People 2018: Savannah James

She's much more than LeBron James' wife — she's an influential powerhouse as the founder of Women of Our Future.

Most Interesting People 2018: Sharita Taylor

The figure skater competed in the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games in Austria.

Most Interesting People 2018: Shaun Yasaki

This Noble Beast founder doles out one hell of an altbier.

Most Interesting People 2018: Stephanie Buda

The founder of Kids of 216 is paving the way for future generations to find successful careers in the construction trade.

Most Interesting People 2018: Tony Isabella

He's contributed to several comic book franchises over the last 50 years, and now his creation, Black Lightning, is getting his own TV show.

Most Interesting People 2018: Wyatt McClure

This North Ridgeville native is a belly full of laughs as Billy Sparks on the CBS hit Young Sheldon.

Stand Up to Gun Violence By Speaking Out About Loss

In order to reckon with Cleveland's gun violence, we must break through the silence it creates.

The Hard Thing To Do

Forty-five years after Roe v. Wade, legislative pressures on abortion access and women’s health care continue to increase. As clinics dwindle, Fred Sokol and other anti-abortion activists see the closings as motivation to step up their efforts.

We Say Goodbye To Bounce Nightclub Hinge Lounge

The LGBTQ club that opened in 2001 closed in November.

We Unbox Sports Crate's Cleveland Cavaliers Subscription Box

The bi-monthly treat helps us celebrate the Cavs with great gear.

What Mayor Jackson Needs To Do

With his historic fourth term, Frank Jackson needs to lead with a sense of urgency.


A Local Actress Debuts Play On Hurricane Sandy

Rachel Zake, who's appeared on Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, is part of the Playwrights Local Roundtable Series.

Anthropocene Explores Humanity's Affect On The Environment

Cleveland Print Room celebrates its fifth anniversary with this new exhibit.

Chill Out and Detox With Our Help

Flush away all that bad mojo with these yoga poses.

Godmother of Rock Retakes the Stage

Gospel pioneer Sister Rosetta Tharpe is the subject of a new Cleveland Play House production.

Gordon Square Review Joins Local Literary Community

Helmed by a team of experienced writers, the literary magazine will publish writers from across the nation.

Gotta Groove Hits A Musical High Note

The vinyl manufacturer produced a million records last year.

Jack Mueller Turns A 1920s Bank Into An Art House

The two-story former Key Bank building is out of this world.

New Production Asks How To End Poverty In 90 Minutes

The Cleveland Public Theater show asks the audience where to donate $1,000 to fight poverty.

Nomadic Bookshelf Puts Down Roots

The traveling bookseller has opened a permanent location at 78th Street Studios.

Tom Laffay’s Artistic Defense

In a new Cleveland Print Room exhibit, the Fairview Park native documents the plight of human rights defenders in Colombia. 


Inside Sara Shookman's Nautical-Inspired Nuptials

The WKYC anchor married Angelo DiFranco at the historic U.S. Coast Guard station on Whiskey Island.

Keep Engagement Photos Picture-Perfect

Angela Bartunek of Aster + Olie Photography gives pointers for a laid-back session.

Lakewood Plant Co. Sows For Success

Whether you're a beginner or have a green thumb, this Detroit Avenue shop has the plant for you.

Let The Seasons Be Your Guide For Wedding Beauty

Is your wedding a winter? Take cues from the weather when planning your make-up look.

Pre-Plan To Prevent Wedding Day Drama

Originality, flexibility and efficiency are key to a well-oiled wedding day.

Workout Gear We Love

Check out these three must-have exercise items from local shops.