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June 2013

Food + Drink

A Dish We Love: Pepper-crusted Tuna

Booze Muse

Here's the scoop on six grown-up ice cream flavors.

Cause for Celebration

Press Wine Bar offers plenty of reasons to raise your glass.

Park Place

Wrap Star

In the CLE


Campus Climate

Fishy Business

Mark Lyons' Cleveland Urban Aquaculture brings fresh, homegrown tilapia to local vendors each week.

Game Time

Tribe fan Alex Justice talks to us about being called up to Major League Baseball's Fan Cave.

In the Neighborhood: Kamm's Corners

Here are a dozen spots to get you started.

Learning Model

Margo Hudson got a second chance at her education. Now she helps others follow her path as a tutor. But the route to a GED diploma is about to get thorny.

News Face

Polk on Polk

He put the words "Cleveland" and "tourism" on the lips of the nation, he coined the phrase "The Factory of Sadness," the YouTube video of his cat has more than 9 million views. He's sort of a big deal in the realm of unprofitable celebrity only the Intern

Snooper Scooper

Street Party

Toast Masters

Josh Womack and his comedy team want to pen your best-man speech. Here's why you should let them.

Tweet Smarts

The upstart @InTheCLE offers fresh voices (and gives you one).


3 To See

If summer blockbusters aren't your style, check out these films showing at the Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque

Heaven Sent

In a Snap

The Massillon Museum highlights Andy Warhol's pop art process.

Pure Sunshine

The Kings of Summer embraces youth, imagination and the splendor of Ohio's longest days.

Push and Pull

Secret Garden

Steel Life

Brad Ricca's Super Boys delves deep into the origin story of an American icon and the two Clevelanders who launched him.

Summer Fun Guide 2013

Summer Fun Guide 2013: Concert Quick Picks

The summer concert season is upon us. We know, you have your favorites. Here's a trio of ours.

Summer Fun Guide 2013: Family Style

From exploring the world's oceans to taking in Pixar films set to music, check out these six events for all ages.

Summer Fun Guide 2013: Festivals For All

Whether you're looking for food from your favorite chef or pirate pointers from Capt. Jack Sparrow, we have a festival for you.

Summer Fun Guide 2013: Fun For Rent

We offer five ways to enjoy the outdoors just a little more this year.

Summer Fun Guide 2013: Go Wild

Summer Fun Guide 2013: Heart Beats

Ann and Nancy Wilson are enjoying renewed acclaim as Rock Hall inductees and the stars of a summer tour.

Summer Fun Guide 2013: Merging Motion

Verb Ballets' summer series melds cultures and styles to kick off its season.

Summer Fun Guide 2013: Open All Summer

Summer Fun Guide 2013: Overnight Sensation

Phillip Phillips talks about American Idol, his musical influences and his tour with John Mayer.

Summer Fun Guide 2013: Stage Quick Picks

From Shakespeare to Spamalot: Check out these cool summer productions.

Summer Fun Guide 2013: Stand-up Guy

Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock alumnus Tracy Morgan brings his comedy tour to the Ohio Theatre.

At Home

Rating the Suburbs 2013: Backyard Adventures

Spend a night under the stars without leaving the comforts of your own home with these simple rules.

Rating the Suburbs 2013: Feathered Fad

The cement goose isn't just a a decoration, it's a conversation piece. Once owner agreed to give us a fashion show.

Rating the Suburbs 2013: Residential Advisers

Go above and beyond with these tips from some of Northeast Ohio's notable neighbors

Rating the Suburbs 2013: Safe House

Rating the Suburbs 2013: Sitter Search

Give grandma a break. Take our advice on how to hire the best person to watch your children.

Rating the Suburbs 2013: Social Strategy

Make new friends and get to know your neighbors by organizing a block party using these great ideas.

Rating the Suburbs 2013: Survey Says

Rating the Suburbs 2013: Treasure Map

Track down garages-sale finds buried beneath mounds of dusty records and clothes by following these clues.


Fashion Retreat

Chagrin Falls' Haven Style House is a one-stop shop for everything a woman needs to assemble her look.