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Food Lovers' Guide November 2016

Food + Drink

Cafe Avalaun Goes Against the Grain with A Gluten-Free Menu

Find delicious crepes, omelettes and more at chef Brian Doyle's Warrensville spot.

CLE Bagel Co. Hustles Its Way to an Ohio City Storefront

Co-owners Dan Herbst and Geoff Hardman have tripled production of their five-ingredient chewy bagels.

Eat Here Now: The Plum Cafe & Kitchen Pushes Boundaries With an Exciting Menu

Chef and co-owner Brett Sawyer encourages diners to step outside their comfort zone with an aspiring menu of quirky and fun dishes.

Food Lovers' Guide

We've cooked up the ultimate guide on where to find the best artisan bread, cheese, meat, pasta and more. 

Food Lovers' Guide: 4 CSAs We Love

Get cooking with the help of these produce producers.

Food Lovers' Guide: 4 Drinks We Love

Quench your thirst with these local libations

Food Lovers' Guide: 4 Ethnic Markets We Love

Find international imports at these local shops.

Food Lovers' Guide: 4 Grocery Stores We Love

Shop for local treats at these foodie stops.

Food Lovers' Guide: Beet Jar Juice Bar

The Hingetown cold-pressed juice maker has us nuts for cashew mylke.

Food Lovers' Guide: Bissell Maple Farm

We're sweet on the family company's bourbon barrel aged maple syrups.

Food Lovers' Guide: Bittner Bees

Rick and Julie Bittner are creating a buzz with their flavorful honey.

Food Lovers' Guide: Blackbird Baking Co.

The Lakewood bakery's chocolate chip cookies rise to any occasion.

Food Lovers' Guide: Blaze Gourmet

George Seres kicks taste buds into high gear with his lineup of fiery salsas, hot sauces and more.

Food Lovers' Guide: Brucato Gourmet

Made from family recipes, these gourmet sauces go well beyond pasta and pizza.

Food Lovers' Guide: Cleveland Jam

Owner Jim Conti spreads a little creativity onto your morning toast with these inventive jams made with beer and wine.

Food Lovers' Guide: Cleveland Kraut

A trio of cabbage lovers creates a hearty sauerkraut that's a cut above.

Food Lovers' Guide: Clover Road Cream Cheese

Twin sisters Rachel and Sarah Gross help dress up your bagels with their bold, tasty spreads.

Food Lovers' Guide: Euclid Fish Co.

The Mentor market is filled to the gills with an ocean of goodies.

Food Lovers' Guide: Got to Have It

From a new mustard for your hot dog to a funky kimchi, these must-have products deserve a spot in your kitchen.

Food Lovers' Guide: Lake Erie Creamery

The artisan cheese maker shows why it's the cream of the crop with creamy goat's milk chevre.

Food Lovers' Guide: Little Lakewood Pasta Co.

Chef and owner Megan Manning has a remedy for your red sauce rut.

Food Lovers' Guide: Mackenzie Creamery

The Hiram maker of artisan goat cheese stands out from the herd.

Food Lovers' Guide: Origin Milk

Discover milk the way nature intended it to taste — sweet, creamy, thick and pleasantly yellow-hued.

Food Lovers' Guide: Pierogies of Cleveland

With 34 varieties, these handmade pierogies go way beyond classic potato and cheese.

Food Lovers' Guide: Popsmith

Chill out with Beth and Tim Knorr's handcrafted artisan popsicles.

Food Lovers' Guide: Raddell's Sausage Shop

Fourth-generation sausage maker Jay Raddell sticks to an 80-year Slovenian tradition.

Food Lovers' Guide: Randy's Pickles

Andrew Rainey turns up the heat for his Sideburns grilled pickles.

Food Lovers' Guide: Red Lotus Foods

Alejandro and Jeanne Rivera prove cheese lovers can find a healthy vegan substitute with their creamy cashew spreads.

Food Lovers' Guide: Saucisson

Butchers Peggy Barend and Melissa Khoury tap into our inner carnivore.

Food Lovers' Guide: The Olive Scene

Three friends blend a love of cooking and a knack for travel into a tasty business.

Food Lovers' Guide: The Sausage Shoppe

This Old World shop brings a new twist to the butcher block with fun flavors.

Food Lovers' Guide: West Side Market Spots

Let us guide you through the maze of amazing vendors, butchers and foodie purveyors.

Food Lovers' Guide: Wolf Boy Provisions

Matt and Emily Baber relish a new take on traditional hot dogs.

Food Lovers' Guide: Yellow House Cheese

Kevin Henslee’s Seville-based company churns out delicious varieties such as blue, Manchego and Pecorino Romano. 

It's Large and Spiky, So Let's Eat It?

Why we're loving jackfruit right now

Rule The Roost With Our Guide to Creating the Ultimate Thanksgiving Day

We've got you covered with tips on how to roast your turkey, jazz up your stuffing and more.

Score Deals to More Than 40 Local Restaurants

CLE Seats makes it easy to find the best restaurant for you.

These Five Cupcake Shops Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

We can never have enough frosting. 

We're Hooked on Poke

The raw fish dish makes its way from Hawaii to the mainland.

In the CLE

3 Questions with Mike Dunleavy Jr.

The Cavs new forward talks LeBron, his dad and fitting in. 

A Cavs Stat We Love

This stat from last year's NBA championship run has us feeling good about a repeat.

A Little Strategy Can Go a Long Way in The Land's Neighborhoods

As University Circle continues to grow, neighborhoods such as Hough, Glenville and Fairfax can benefit.

An Old Suburb Gets a New Downtown

Shaker Heights’ Van Aken District is making moves. 

Dick Goddard's Legacies Light Up Northeast Ohio

We look at three things the retiring weather forecaster leaves behind. 

In 1983, Firemen Quell a Blaze

The West Side fire kept workers busy as it smoldered overnight.

Looking Beyond Nov. 8

Democracy doesn't demand agreement, but it does require a willingness to work together.

Moments Lost, Moments Gained

TV and radio personality Bob Becker was 58 when Alzheimer's disease took his past and future. His wife, Luanne Bole-Becker, fell apart before finding her way. Now, she's determined to make the most of what remains.

Punch Up Your Holiday Cards with Caligraphy

Seaworthi's Farin Blackburn steps us through hand lettering our own greeting cards this year.

Rodney Axson Jr. Took a Knee to Stand Up

After hearing a string of racial slurs in his own locker room, the Brunswick High School football player took action.

The Ballot Issue You Should Be Voting On

Issue 33, a bid to reform Cleveland's police review board needs to be on your election radar.

The Voice of Cleveland

When WCPN's Dee Perry retired after 20 years promoting the arts in Cleveland, it created a deep silence in our cultural scene.

Time for Your Trophy Close Up, Cleveland

Four Cavs fans describe the moment they snapped a pic with the Larry O'Brien Trophy.

Tower Struggle

The September sale of the iconic skyscraper marks the end of an era and raises questions about what new ownership means for our city.

Why We’ll Miss Dick Goddard

As Cleveland as the Terminal Tower, the Fox meteorologist signs off after 55 years this month.


Comedian Rhea Butcher is the Real Deal

With a debut album and new show on NBC’s Seeso network, the Akron native comic is calling attention to the hilarious intricacies of everyday life as a queer standup comedian.

Geek Out at Con on the Cob

Channel your inner Leonard and Sheldon with tabletop gaming, cosplay and Star Wars vs. Star Trek.

Get Geeky Over the Science Center's High-definition Theater

The new 6K screen has three laser-powered projectors.

Hometown Heroes: A New Book Captures Our City's Champions

It features portraits of 125 locals who have helped redefine Cleveland.

Loreto Greve Brings Back the Romance of Photography

Chilean artist Loreto Greve uses classic photography techniques to capture romantic images during her Cleveland Print Room residency. 

Moses Cleaveland Goes Cabaret

Cleveland Public Theatre's annual holiday cabaret mixes the city's founder with avant-garde opera and more. 

Review: Badge 387 Tells the Story of "Supercop" Jim Simone

Cleveland 2nd Police District policeman Jim Simone has faced many challenges including 12 officer-involved shootings.

Wesley Lowery's New Book Confronts Race and Police

The Pulitzer-winning Washington Post reporter's novel comes out this month.


Don't Spend All Day on that Holiday Hairdo

Apotheclaire leadstylist Jenn Kidd's got the quick tips for a chignon with a twist.

How to Do Small Business Saturday Right

From Hudson or Medina to Willoughby and Tremont, we've got your Nov. 26 shopping list.

We're Lathered Up About Stem Handmade Soap

The Lakewood shop's assortment of moisturizing bath and body products have us squeaky clean.


Retiring With a Bucket List

From traveling the world to giving back to the community, these four seniors are making the most of their retirement years.