Zion Clark

Most Interesting People 2017: Zion Clark

Born without the lower half of his body, the former high school athlete proves hard work can pin any obstacle.

Greenwood Farms

A Popular Haunt for Horror Films

Richmond Heights’ Greenwood Farm hosted two scary movie shoots and is often visited by paranormal investigators.


Cleveland’s 2017 Guide to Movie Madness

Grab your popcorn and hold onto your Snowcaps: we’re buttering you up with these sneak peaks of Cleveland-centric films premiering on the big (and small) screens this year.


The Weekender: 5 Things to Do Jan. 13-15

While it may be the season of hibernating, these five weekend events are worth ditching the sweats for. 

Lauryn Deluca

Most Interesting People 2017: Lauryn DeLuca

The high school junior is the No. 1 ranked wheelchair fencer in the U.S. and the winner of three national championships.


Spaces Finds a Spot in Hingetown

The nearly 40-year-old gallery settles into the Van Rooy Coffee Building this weekend.  

Margo Hudson

Most Interesting People 2017: Margo Hudson

After 11 years of studying, the Clevelander got her GED at 52 and is now an advocate for adult learning.