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February 2014

Food + Drink

A Dish We Love: Butternut Squash Pierogi

Brew Works

Championship Wings

Two different styles of a tavern classic go toe-to-toe.

News Bites

Culinary updates from around the city

Pour Strength

Sweetest Ways

Sweetest Ways: Chocoholic Frolic

If you're addicted to the sweet stuff like we are, make a run to these five chocolatiers.

Sweetest Ways: Culinary Confections

Sweetest Ways: Good Libations

These three alcohol-infused goodies take the idea of happy hour to a much sweeter place.

Sweetest Ways: Local Legends

Sweetest Ways: Special Blend

Allergies and dietary needs shouldn't stop you from enjoying the sweet life. Here's a roundup of bakeries focused on creating alternative treats.

Sweetest Ways: Stick Around

Food on a stick isn't just for festival fun, so grab one of these three portable delights.

Sweetest Ways: Worldly Delights

Our city is a melting pot of tasty treats. Here are three that show off our cultural heritage.

The Upper Crust

Shawn Monday's 3 Palms Pizzeria & Bakery delivers on a satisfying Italian menu.

In the CLE


Face Off

French Creek District

Here are a dozen Avon spots to get you started.

House and Home

Match Point

Most Grateful

Over the Top?

Selfie Games

Single in the City

Edited by Jillian Kramer; Photography by Jeff Downie; Interviews by James Bigley II, Joe Boyle, Ryllie Danylko, Kristen Hampshire, Sheehan Hannan, John Hitch, Kara Kissell, Jillian Kramer, Jon Miller, Cassie Ne

Single in the City: Adam Bostwick

Single in the City: Angelica Campos

Single in the City: Brittany Hill

Single in the City: Bryan Lerg

Single in the City: Christine Gallowan

Single in the City: Cynthia Deering

Single in the City: Dating Advice

Single in the City: David Prabhu

Single in the City: Elizabeth Pruitt

Single in the City: Evan Ishida

Single in the City: Henry C. Hill Jr.

Single in the City: John Schubert

Single in the City: Katie Greenlee

Single in the City: Kenny Roda

Single in the City: Kristin Hudak

Single in the City: Laura Volpini

Single in the City: Love Story

Single in the City: Nicole Thomas

Single in the City: Paul Purdy

Single in the City: Reese Holcomb

Single in the City: Single Stats

Single in the City: Tobenna "Toby" Nwizu

Single in the City: Tyler Adams

Sweetest Ways: Guilty Pleasures

The Road

The boulevard to University Circle won't be the catastrophe its critics claim. But can it help troubled stretches of the East Side?

We've Got Big Plans: After The Chardon Shooting

On February 27, 2012, the shooting at Chardon High School shattered Nick Walczak's life and left him paralyzed. Now, with the help of friends, loved ones and a dog named Turner, he is piecing together a future he never imagined. 


A Whole New World

Piano-pop duo A Great Big World embarks on its first headlining tour after a smash hit with Christina Aguilera.

Blood Bash

You may have seen the Carrie remake, but the Beck Center shows another side of the outcast this month.

Inside Joker

Junk Yarn

Love Notes

Snow Business


Key Player

Metal of Honor

Todd Pownell shares the art of jewelry-making through Tap Studios.